Updates and Notices

28 November 2003 - Check the Webrings page because we just joined a top roleplaying sites list. Go us! Vote! Vote! Vote! Please? :)

30 September 2003 - New page up called Rules of Combat. Very important, please read. It may also be updated as we go along.

23 September 2003 - Updated the Humans page and fixed Victor's profile.

25 August 2003 - Got some webrings going.

22 August 2003 - Things have changed again. Updates, updates, updates. The FAQ list actually has some stuff in it now! Woo!

7 August 2003 - Changed practically everything.

6 August 2003 - Put up some character profiles and changed a few things on the website.

2 August 2003 - Just put the website up, will be updating it at least twice a week until it is all sorted.


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