The Women in Black Web Ring belongs to all female Community Leaders of Geocities. It initially started in the Area51 CL group when some of us WiBs wondered at being called "Men in Black". We joked often about it. Soon, we realized that all CLs at Geocities are protecting the Hoods from the Scum of the Universe and opened the ring to everyone. (Every WiB, that is..)

We are the best kept secret in the universe.
Our to monitor undesirable activity on GeoCities.
We are your first, last and only line of defense.
We work in secret,
We exist in shadow
and we dress in Black!

Do you want to join the WIB Organization ?

If you are a Community Leader in Geocities, you may join the WIB Web Ring. There are now two Ring choices. If you would like to keep the Area51 WIB Ring graphic and you are a CL in Area51, certainly do. Any combination of the graphics is okay.

You must have passed the CL Training Program first please.
(no MIBs allowed) *chuckles*

If you have gotten here and are kinda confused about what a Community Leader is and what we do at Geocities ? Well, you can find the information you seek HERE

Or, where it all started (the WiB Ring), with the Area51 CL Team.

If you are a MiB, join the MiB Ring.

We are ALWAYS looking for dedicated people with online spare time to offer. Do you have what it takes to be a Community Leader at Geocities ?!

"Girls just wanna have fun !"

NOTE: you -must- have a web page in Geocities

You could be WIB # to receive access to the WIB Philosophy Book...

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Please download the WIB Web Ring graphics to your directory.

Don't forget to let me know where you are a CL please,
I'll need to verify it.

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Expect to be added the same day of your submission request.

Last, but definately not least, don't forget to pick up your WIB Philosophy Book !
But beware those of you that do not belong to the WIBs !
Yes... that was a warning... *snicker*
NEW ! Wibly Advice

Order your FRUs here !

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Can't remember your Site ID? Take a look at the Index of sites for the ring to find yours (the Site ID will be the number listed next to your site).

Vampires have taken over Groom Lake.

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