Registering for the Western Lands game is pretty simple, and its completely free.

To see examples of other character descriptions, go to the Members section.

I don't have fantastic skills with html, so rather than spending hours trying to create a form, I'd appreciate it if you'd email me the details requested below.

The first part is what goes on your character description, as seen in the Members section. The second is some details I like to be sure of so that everyone starts off on roughly the same foot.

One final note, all professions and character types are very welcome, but the recruiting office frequently advertises for the types of settlers most needed by the colony.

On the notice board of the various recruiting offices through out the many lands, a sign has been posted:

Seeking woodsmen, farmers, explorers, builders, fishermen, prospecters and all people wishing to participate in the founding of a new colony!

That said, lets get down to business. The actual catagories are in purple, the rest is just me carrying on.

Info for your character description:

  • Name:
    (e.g. Fred, Mary, Hosironar Chesovlankiro V)
  • Sex:
    (e.g. Male, Female, Androgenous, Hermaphrodite, something we've never heard of before)
  • Age:
    (e.g. Baby, older child, young adult, middle aged, one foot in the grave, and everything in between.)
  • Race:
    (e.g. Human, Elf, Halfling, Cyborg dwarf, One-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater)
  • Profession:
    (This is your major skill, your job, or you life's work. E.g. Bard, farmer, blacksmith, mountaineer, fisherman, shipwright [boat builder])
  • Description:
    This is where you really get to have fun. If you belong to an unusual race (or even if you don't) include a detailed physical description here. Also, feel free to include a couple of minor skills, things you've dabbled in and have some confidence, but are hardly an expert. Perhaps even show a little of your personality.
  • Extra stuff I need to know:

    One part of this game is that we need to be reasonably realistic. Everyone starts the game with only a few skills and a few possessions, dumped on the shore of an unexplored world. You can't get off the boat carrying a magical factory that will produce any type of sword you request. That's not fair. To make a steel sword you'd have to quarry the stone for the smelters, make the quicklime to hold the stone together, find the ore, crush it, smelt it, build the blacksmiths, and smith out the sword. All of these require a lot of skill and no one person is going to be able to do it all. This encourages people to work together, and to develop the character of the settlement together.

  • Possessions:
    List the basic stuff you'll be bringing. You've only got a pack's worth of room, so think carefully. Include clothing, and remember that it will eventually wear out and have to be replaced. Its advisable to bring as much of the tools of your trade as possible, as it may be a while before you can make them.It should be noted that a small amount of food, a tent and sleeping rolls will be provided.
  • Any Religious Affiliations:
    This is encouraged as diversity of belief makes life in the colony interesting.

  • Finally, anything else you think I should know or that would make your character interesting, but that you don't want in your character description:
    (e.g. Is a vampire, has secret plans for world domination, etc.)
  • Also, please tell me what colours you'd like your name in. See the members page if you're not sure what I'm going on about.

    And that's about it. As I said, please email this info to me, and I'll put you on the site and get you started.

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