I had heard of Kevin Spacey before. I was aware that he was in a few things, but I knew nothing else. I was watching the "Night for John Lennon" music special, because I am also a Beatle fan. Well, Kevin was hosting and I thought, cool. Well, about half of the performers came and went, some sucking, some rocking. Then, Kevin comes out, like normal, just talking like the hosts usually do. He starts talking about how everyone has to do their part to make this night a hit, "including your host." Then he does this little jump thing, the band starts jamming, and he starts doing his rendition of John Lennon's "Mind Games"!

I was shocked! Not only was I not expecting this, I was also not expecting him to ROCK! I suddenly realized how cool this guy was, but that was just a beginning.

I was spending the week at my mother's house about 2 months after the previous event. We were watching movies and she wanted to watch one called "Pay It Forward." I was seeing the opening credits and realizing who all was in the film. I had seen Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment in other things, so I knew how they acted. Yet, Kevin Spacey I had not, except for about 20 or 30 minutes of "American Beauty." I LOVED THIS FILM! All the actors had chemistry with each other! It was FABULOUSLY written! But what had taken me aback the most, was the acting quality in the movie, especially Kevin Spacey's! I have since then become more and more interested in Spacey's projects and decided to dedicate this little corner of my site to this wonderfully talented man, Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey accented his black suit with a T-shirt bearing a picture of Ted Demme, the 38-year-old director who collapsed and died while playing basketball at a charity game last Sunday in Santa Monica.

From the stage, he asked the audience to raise their glasses in a toast to Demme.

"Those of you who knew him, loved him. Those of you who didn't, missed out. We love you, Teddy. God bless you," Spacey said.
--The Seattle PI

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