From "Strange New World"

Keep in mind: these cargo vessels weren't equipped for rescue operations, so the captain wasn't sure what to do when he picked up the distress call. But it wasn't a ship that sent the signal. It was a lifepod from one of the old Y-500 freighters. They were retired decades ago. The pod had been drifting in space for 63 years. Bio-scans showed one lifesign inside the pod. Human.

The assisstant engineer, George Webb, was assigned to open it. It took him over an hour to cut through the hull. He said the metal felt strange, cold to the touch. He could hear a tapping noise coming from inside, but when he finally got it open, the pod was empty. No body, nothing.

A few days later, Webb started acting strange. He was getting into fights with the crew and muttering to himself in some sort of alien language. Then one day, he locked himself in engineering and overloaded the impulse reactors. He almost destroyed the ship. Then he sealed himself in a lifepod and ejected it. The captain tried to go after him, but the reactors were too badly damaged.

Some people say it was an alien life form that got into him. Others think it was the ghost of a dead crewman. But Webb's still out there, drifting.

When the subspace noise is real low, some com officers say they can still hear the echo of his distress call. Beep.......Beep.......Beep....... 1
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