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Baby pineapple is getting bigger -- April 2003


Spiky thorn bush in flower -- April 2003

A close-up

Birdie in her nest


Birdie in her nest

My newest neighbor -- April 2003


March 2003   



One of my orchids - March 2003

<---- the scene of the crime


a close-up    



Miami Grand Prix - October 2002


Scarlet Ibis at Animal Kingdom - 2002



Argyll Castle in Scotland


Loch Ness

Picture of Loch Ness



Hwy east of the Sierra Nevada's

Just east of the Sierra Nevada's in Northern California





A friendly duck in Yosemite National Park

Duck by a river



My cousin in front of a large, exotic mausoleum in a New Orleans cemetery
Picture of New Orleans Mausoleum
(I broke my rule of no personal information.  Sorry, Cuz'.)


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