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Hi, I'm Wendy, and this is my little piece of reality.  It is a world unto itself filled with endless possibilities & a myriad of images in full Technicolor. 

You're probably wondering why I refer to this as an alternate space/time continuum.  Be forewarned that sometimes people's concept of time gets totally shattered when they associate with me.  You might have come here out of curiosity to check this out quickly and may end up spending much more time than you had anticipated.

This is my first attempt at web design, so please be kind with your constructive criticism.  If you do notice anything bizarre that you don't think should be bizarre, please notify me:   Feel free to offer compliments as well.  Send those to:

I refuse to put my own picture up since I watched Conspiracy Theory & America's Most Wanted.  Message in a bottle

Make sure to check out my 'blog.   I try to update it frequently. 

Please send any other suggestions to (click on the bottle):


"Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend.  I want to guard your dreams and visions"
-- Bruce Springsteen

and the sexy part of that song....
"I wanna die with you Wendy on the streets tonight in an everlasting kiss"


My EMODE Profile



true color: Blue      
aura color: Crystal       
eating style: Snacker  

My Amazon.Com Wishlist

identity: much More Curious      
superpower: Invisibility      
breed of dog: German Shepherd      
flavor: licorice (kind of ironic since I don't care for it)    
perfect car: sports car      
career personality: astronaut      
personality: poet      
type of flirt: subtle      
inner rock star: britney spears (I know! WTF?)  
natural leader: more so than not    
workaholic: not really    
zodiac sign should have been: scorpio    
celebrity look: romantic    
TV Family: the Cleavers    
theme song: Independent Woman  
shoe: practical pump    
inner "Friend": Phoebe      
type of man I want: Renaissance man    
type of woman I am: Intellect      
shopping style: Needs-only Nancy      
wedding date predictor: married by June 11, 2005    
party animal: owl      
Loony?: perfect mix of impulse & restraint  
past life animal: tiny monkey named Oompa    
right job: analytical & creative    
beauty aura: natural    
passion predictor: snugglebunny    
candy heart: hot stuff    
goddess groove: sizzlin' salsa    
goddess identity: muse    



Something to ponder.... Logic Puzzle
Email me if you need the answer....




P.S.  In case you're wondering if your computer is making weird noises, it may be.  You may or may not be hearing dinosaur sounds re-enacted.  I'm not really sure how that was done, but it seemed cool at the time.



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