WebRing Posting Tutorial

This tutorial is for members with a website (or blog) who want to get more exposure and more visitors.

Creating posts on WebRing is a great way to increase your exposure.

Like any social network, posts are text, pictures, links, media (music, videos), or any combination of these that people, like you, create to share with others. They appear in the home, or My Hub, area of you and your followers, so you can share information.

Unique to WebRing, though:

Posts also appear on rings you belong to,
and the My Hub area of anyone tracking those rings

This is where most new visitors and followers come from, so you will want your posts on rings to maximize exposure.

Here's how to do that.

  • First, be a part of rings that interest you and/or are related to your website or blog.  Do this by adding your website to these rings, or if your website is not directly related to the ring you can "track" the ring.  (Having your site in the ring is better because your posts will be featured automatically.  But tracking is also good).    How do I do this?
  • Second, post. You can post two ways:
    • Post on a ring's stage.  Posts made this way will appear on the ring and in the My Hub area of you and your existing followers.
    • Post in your My Hub area.  Posts made here can also be distributed to rings you belong to.  How? WebRing uses the "tags" you attach to your post to match against the rings you belong to.  Rings that closely match your tags will receive your post automatically.
  • Third, post often. If you change something on your website (run a special, add a new section, etc). Post about it. Even if you post on a completely different topic in rings not related to your website, your profile leads directly back to you and your website. So, even if you sell soap, write about your once in a lifetime trip to Spain.

If you want to dig into posts in more detail read on.