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World Record Carp !

Carpfishing Holidays in Canada
GTA Carpfishing site
Canadian Carpin Holidays
Big Carphunas Cyprinus Cyte
  If you just stumbled on this site, I hope you are enjoying it !
If you are a N.A fisherman, I expect your rather amused by now. You would not believe how big carp fishing is ! I wont try to explain why carp are such an attraction in Britain & Europe, but you might like to try it & see for yourself ! there are lots of tips & tricks throughout these pages. Dont forget to check out the exellent links. I think if you hooked into a big carp (or even a 10 Lb fish) you would be amazed at the fight in these fish. Best to give it a try !
Throughout most of Europe & Asia carp are highly regarded (for different reasons). They have saved people from famine, they have survived through Man's mismanagement of the waterways. They have become an ultimate challenge to catch in the west & northern parts of Europe. In these European situations where the carp grow really large (82 lb is the world record captured in Romania), these are cooler waters with rich feeding grounds for the carp. The reason is that spawning of carp in these areas is only occasional & when this situation is perfect for the carp , they have little competition , yet the temperature is suitable for almost year round feeding, & they do not have to compete amongst themselves. This becomes the perfect environment for them to reach maximum size!
Fly Fishing for Carp
(Ian Colin James)
Clear Lake Carpin'
Big Al's Guns & Carpfishing
Bob N Tammy's Carp Corner Carpin' with Bigdog
Cat Eye Outfitter
Walleye/Catfishing in Manitoba
Iowa, Fishing for  Carp (DNR)
Overseas Carp fishing
Carpfishing U.K
The Essex Angler
Coarse & Carp fishing
The Carp Angler
(Andy Piper)
Den Anzegemsen Carpfishing
(Belgium Carp site)
Coarse Fishing (The sport of Gentlemen)
Internet Angling Club
Karperrun (Carpfishing Holland)
Tackle  & Bait    (Mail order)
Buy Gardner from here !
Bait & Carp supplies
Leslies of Luton
Shimano tackle
Nimpopo tackle
Tacklebox Gardner Tackle
Cabela's (U.S.)
Carpfishing clothing etc
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BADGER TACKLE at realistic prices.
Sample Prices: Approx $CAD + postage
Rods $100- $150
Reels (Dynacast) $85 (10 ball bearings!)
Alarms $60
Pods $60
Also leads, rigs, nets, etc. email for prices.
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List in Canadian $ available
Carp fishing Bulletin Boards
GTA Carping
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Carpfishing in Canada
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