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Trevor A with a 28lbs carp caught from Burlington bay. The youngster battled the carp  with determination & Trevor won through.  This fish & the carp below caught on the same day trip.
31 lbs of golden scaled carp. Big fish seem to shoal in similar sizes. On this day it proved to be the case. Both these fish taken on all time "Superbait".
The Scene
The set up
Fish feeding well today!
The Carp !
Dave with a nice fish!
Willy & his best of the year so far!
Any time after mid /late July is the time to go inland for continued sport from carp, which will feed right into November & beyond (for the BRAVE only). Look for deeper holes & slower flow in the river, carp are usually schooled up, so if you catch one there are likely several more in the same area. In Canada sweetcorn continues to tempt fish. However in your area THE bait could be a little different. Dont be afraid to change things around & try different likely spots until the carp are located. Chum is still good but tone it down somewhat with the dropping water temperatures. A cold blooded creature like a carp will be affected by lower water temps & their appetite is slowed in the colder weather. This does not mean they will not feed , just that you have a narrower slot to get to them whilst feeding.  These 3 fish above from the Speed river in Cambridge, Ontario; all taken in mid October.

Good luck & continued good carpin'.

ATB Carpsava.
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