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MAR 2008 Winter is almost over, now is the time to get some preparations done for the spring. Maybe get some bait prepared, formulate a plan to campaign on a new water, set a new goal or organise a fish-in to get our sport on the map! One of the best things you can do in fishing is help others to catch fish. It's  really great feeling when others share the passion of our sport.
Whatever you do, keep smelling the flowers along the way & make sure to leave the fishing swim as you found it or even better. It astounds me sometimes how some litter lout can leave heaps of garbage in the swim to spoil it for everyone else. Remember we all share the same planet & we really should leave it in a fit state for our descendants, dont you think?
Get a bookmark now, & keep watching this space. If there is anything else I've forgotten, let me know. With carp fishing there's always somthing new to learn, every venue is a different
kettle of fish, that's why its so much of a challenge. If you've caught a fish over 30 lbs write to me, got a picture of it, even better, I can put it in the gallery ( live release only ). To anyone who's never caught a carp, do give it a go, cause you just dont know what you've been a missin'.
Tite lines & happy fishin'

BFN - - - -Carpsava

So it's been an amazing 5 yrs, not been active in Canada for a few years, but now I'm back. LOTS of things have changed since I started writing this web site. We now have several carp clubs, we have tackle shops that sell CARP gear! we have hundreds more carpers around our province especially in the GTA. We nearly lost our fishing privelige to fish on the Toronto waterfront area (Humber to Ashbridges bay), but due to some huge efforts amongst our carping freinds they were saved. We have had mass carp die offs due to disease imported from afar. We still have a few hurdles to overcome, but these will improve with time I'm sure. But the main thing is still there. We have carp & more carp, we can still fish for them (although bankspace has been limited in certain areas. So go out there & fish & make more carping friends. Tell them about the CAG, help us to get a voice to protect our sport. AND most of all have fun !

ATB Carpsava.

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