Carp (mostly true) Stories
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Long Sault Lake
Long Sault pt 2
College Reservoir
Bilberry Pool
Lake Ontario Frustrations
17.5 lbs of pure muscle, this Canadian carp is one of the most pristine fish I have EVER seen. Tell me if this fish has the right to live like any other. There are people who kill these magnificent fish ! But I put this down to misinformation. Would you kill a fish like this ? Mail me below .
Tales of Trencrom
Niagara Whirlpool
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43.5 lbs of  lunker Carp!
by Scott Osmond
So this is carp fishing ?
There is no denying it, carp fishermen are a strange brew ! There is something uniquely satisfying about capturing this uncanny fish. Especially when it tips the scales at 20 lbs or more ! It's not an easy thing to put into words but a few of us try ! Give it a go & send me your heart pounding  adventure. If it's good I'll put it in here, for everyone to enjoy.
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Monkey Island
by Oat
My Biggest Fish
by Scott Lux
One Chumming Day
by Paul Collins
Michegan fish-in
Fred Trost
Bay of Quinte
by Terry Fishlock
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