Carpfishing in Canada
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All Time SUPERBAIT!       
If I had to take just one bait with me to catch a carp in Canada, it would without a doubt be sweetcorn, or Maize (feed or feild corn) if other species are a problem. I bet more carp have been caught on this bait than anything else. You can flavour & colour the stuff ,put in additives sweetners & enhancer's & carp just LOVE the stuff ! There are however, places where corn is no longer 'top of the menu', & lucky for us, there must be another hundred or more baits that can catch carp. You will not have to become inventive in your choice, carp are curious creatures & even things with doubtful food value will be sampled, although not over the long term.
The quickest, easiest way to get carp bait is to go to the supermarket & buy some tinned sweetcorn. You can get large catering tins of this. Generally the better stuff for fishing is tougher to stay on the hook, the carp dont seem to mind ,so buy the toughest stuff, I make sure sugar & salt are included amongst the ingredients. Jolly green giant is good, also DelMonte & Aylmer brands. I would go for the tinned stuff over the frozen ; on account of the fact that the tinned variety has more juices & it keeps better in this, also the juice in it's own right seems to be a good attractor. Thats tinned corn , bait no carpfisher should be without.

Although I've ranted about tinned corn, there are situations where it's not the best option. For example, if there are lots of small fish (bullheads can be a nuscience) or if you need to prebait with lots of bait to hold the fish, then Maize is a much better & cheaper option. I would point out straight away with maize & infact all other particle baits ; they soak up lots of water & they should not be used for bait untill they have been thoroughly soaked. To prepare maize quickly ; boil the stuff for 1 hr, near the end of the hour you can add sugar & flavourings & other attractors. After its boiled it will continue to soak water, so keep topping up, just keeping the corn covered with water. Store soaking with a loosely fitting cover ,since the fermentation will produce co2 which will make a mess if it bursts your container .
PREPARATION OF MAIZE>Approx 2 Gallon Stewing pot
Boil in water for about 1 hr & soak overnight; or add water to soak for 2-3 days.If soaking add ingrediants straight away.  If boiling ,wait 45 mins before adding any alcohol based flavourings or attractants.
Add 1-2 lbs sugar if required  (see below)
2 packets of Strawberry 'Koolaide' (or any other) OR
1 bottle of Strawberry syrup or pop or Mollases

This will smell nice & taste quite sweet, it will ferment & keep ,without going off, for considerable amounts of time. Just make sure the maize is submersed in the juice ,then it will not go mouldy. You can leave out the sugar, which will allow the kernals to swell better during boiling, they will also soften better the more you boil them. Well thats Maize, great stuff in N.A. & most other places too.

OTHER PARTICLE BAITS----------------------
For almost all other particle baits, the boil & soak rules above apply, except that for other baits boiling fot 10-20 mins is usually sufficient. I've listed some particles that I've had success with in Canada. You can try them for a change. Also it works to sometimes fish another different type of particle over the main carpet of bait, works best if the hookbait is physically different than the carpet bait.For example, Red Kidney beans Hookbait over maize carpet. Some you can try;-

Particle baits
Peanuts (boil & soak)
Black eye beans ( boil in tomato soup)
Soya beans (Flavour in vanilla & sweeten)
Chick peas ( pressure cook for 15-20 mins)
Haricot , Lima or Fava beans
Tiger nuts (chufa tubers)

MASS BAITS (use as attractor carpet)
Boiled wheat  ( boil in a packet soup)
Hempseed (sterilised; non germinating)
Dari Seeds
Oat groats & various grains
Rice, Millet, Milo, et
Attractor carpet ; this will hold the carp for a long period ; gets the feeding reaction going, without feeding the fish too well. Dont put to much in, especially with baits like hemp. 2-3 lbs will usually be enough for a whole day session. Sometimes yu can fish them on the hair rig, certainly try this if your main bait seems to be not working!
Bait dipping & soaks
    This is something which has become more popular over the years, & with good reason. A dip is a liquid (or powder) which you dip your bait in before casting out. This can act as an appetite stimulator. Examples of dips which you can buy in your grocery store are; Maple syrup,  Honey, Strawberry jam, Mollases, Cane Syrup, Evaporated & Condensed milks. Also various sauces & chip dips have been used with success. You can also make up your own dip by using a bulk liquid (like mollases) & adding you favourite flavour to it (scopex for example). Simply add 5mls (1ts) of Scopex to a 1/2 cup of  mollases or an oil like peanut oil or sesame seed oil. Stir well, dip & cast out ! You can do this to ANY suitable bait including particles like sweetcorn etc.
    A soak is a liquid which is absorbed into the bait over a period of time. If you use syrups & sugar based soaks , beware, they will dehydrate your bait & cause them to become rock hard. The better soaks will not do this, since they will not cause the moisture to be drawn from your bait but will be sucked into the bait instead. Good soaks are available for carp in England, you can make your own however, & I am going to include a section on this in the future.
Pop them up!
Most particles will work better on the hair if you "pop" them up off the bottom an inch or two. At this height they are at the perfect level for the fish to suck in. Another advantage is that the bouyant bait will suck back much easier, often fooling the fish, because the hook weight is counteracted by the foam. 5/16  round window bead insulation foam is suitable from your hardware shop.
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Got a good bait?
Mail me & I'll put in the recipe ( if it's a good'un)
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Notes About Bait
     This page could go on & on about different baits , people take carp on literally hundreds of different baits. There are times when none of the baits on this page will work for you. Believe me though, those carp you can see swimming around ARE catchable. You will have to use your 100 times brain capacity over the carp to outwit them. Carp are not superbrained but they have one BIG + going for them. INSTINCT for survival. Whether it involves matching the hatch,  or presentation, location or a combination of all of them, they can be caught, you just have to get the combination right on the day. Keep those ideas coming & if not catching keep changing till you get results. This is what keeps the top carp men up there. They can get the situation matched up quickly & it takes experiance to do this. There's only one way to get experiance, get this from the bank !
Tite lines & smart Carpin'.
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