Polka Music

Tom has been a big fan of polka music for over 43 years. He was on the radio on WMMW in Meriden, Ct. with his own polka program from 12:00 noon to 2:30 P.M. with the clown prince of polka, Mr. Walt Solek.

He did the Patty Anns Polka show on WNTY in Southington as a live broadcast from the Stonecrest Resturant in Plainville.

He did a show with John Prytko Jr. on WWUH from the University of Hartford. Tom also had a polka show on WFCS from Central Connecticut State College in New Britian, Ct.

On television, Tom had his own polka show on cable RAVE TV in Meriden, with some of the polka greats as guests.     

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