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This is a website dedicated to my hobby. Breeding and showing the Waterslager Canary can be both a rewarding and challenging hobby. Maybe I can help you learn from my mistakes and overcome the frustrations I experienced. I will also share with you my successes for this is truly an exciting and challenging hobby.
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My Info:
Name: Val Stevens
It all started with pigeons
As a young boy I was interested in raising homing pigeons. I would race the pigeons with a small club, this way I could breed my fastest pigeons or obtain faster pigeons from club members.This way I could continually produce faster pigeons. I had to get rid of them as I entered college, began a family, etc. Since I no longer live where I can keep pigeons I needed to fill that void. I found a canary and was hooked. As I learned about canaries I found there were three directions I could go: color bred, type, or song canaries. Since I had an interest in raising birds to perform I chose the song canary.

              Which song canary?

There are three song canaries recognized by the world oginization, Confederation Ornitholoquue Mondiale(COM): The German Roller, the Spanish Timbrado, and the Belgium Waterslager. Here in the United States there is a fourth song canary recognized, the American Singer.The German Roller sings a softer and quieter song while the Spanish Timbrado sings a louder more metallic song. Information on the Timbrados can be found at
United Spanish Timbrado Fanciers. The American Singer is a cross between the German Roller and the European Border Canary. More information on these songsters can be found at the American Singer Club.
The Belgium Waterslager sings a song more in the middle. The waterslager must sing water notes which are songs that imitate boiling water, bubbling water, or dripping water. They can also sing notes that resemble bells and flutes unlike any other bird. The closer they resemble the nightingale, the better the bird. Waterslagers sing about 12 different tours with variation of each of those tours. So as you can see their song is very complex. More information can be found on waterslagers in my links section.

          Can I just get one breed?

At the show last year I put my birds up in front of the judge and as they sang they threw out wild bird tours in the middle of their song? These little birds have the ability to pick up songs from other breeds of canaries(or other wild birds). Whether they are a faulty note or not this can make it a big challenge if you plan to show your canaries. So if you plan to show your canaries they must be kept by themselves, you'll need seperate bird rooms for the other breeds of canaries. If you have that kind of space at your house then you are luckier than I.

                    Show your birds

I knew a pigeon breeder once that claimed to have the strongest fastest pigeons anybody was breeding at the time. He charged more for his pigeons also. His claim was that he understood a quality breeding program better than anybody else breeding at the time. We asked time and again to come race with us but he never did. There was always excuses why he couldn't. So who is to say he had better pigeons?
Raising song canaries is a little like raising pigeons, if you don't race other pigeons then you have no idea if you are producing faster pigeons. Likewise,if you don't show your canaries against other canaries there is no way you can tell if you are producing better singers. . They must be evaluated by an experienced non-biased judge against other breeders' birds to determine if you are improving your stock.
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     My First Waterslager
Once I decided breed to the Waterslager Canary, I had to find a source to get my first stock. The Waterslager Canary, although very popular in Europe and other parts of the world , is not as popular here in America and can be hard to find. I couldn't find anybody in the state of Utah that bred Waterslagers. I searched the internet and found a few people that raised them, but it was difficult to evaluate whether you were getting good birds or regular birds. Usually they will cost about the same, so you might as well find a breeder that shows their birds, that is the safest way to insure you're getting quality birds

                       Join a club

I started by joining both Waterslager clubs in America. The
Western Waterslager Club and the American Waterslager Society. These clubs will then send you a list of their membership which is a good start.; As a side note there has been another club start up since I started. The American Royal Waterslager Club. Also a very good club with very useful information. Some breeders only join a club so they can buy bands but don't show their birds. Others join to get information like I did, but don't actually have birds yet. You must sift through the names to find an active member. These clubs also post show results on their website so you can get names and then find contact information on the membership lists. Some breeders are willing to ship birds to you and others are not.
I finally found an active member that was willing to sell me my first trio. I contacted him in July and he told me I would have to wait until the shows were over in January, so I could buy a scored bird. It took considerable patience on my part to wait that long. He also preferred me to come to his house to pick the birds up so he could show me his birds and let me listen to them (this is wise,you should do that if you can). So I waited six months and drove 1000 miles to get my first Waterslagers. My wife thought I was nuts. This was one of the things I did right however, it got me off to a great start. The following year I took the few males I raised to the show and there networked with other breeders and took home several more birds to breed the following season.
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