The Poetry of
          Warren Damm

Distant Dreams

I fell deep into the night that seem to fade away notlooking around but glosing my eyes for the day. a venture into a realm so unknown the only time that seems alone. but distant dreams carrying me there a strange interplace with others i share knowledge of the unknown distant times alone yet every aspect i carry i may not remember when im back home where did i go what jounrys did i take why was I there and what was i suppose to know will it help me learn in this journy of life that we take on our paths back home are we in the real while we believe we are awke or id it our dreams that we come not to remember that are in a world unknown that we are awake tell me wise one what is it we search for an excistants or the distance a dream of reality that we look for

When I Die

when i die i hope you'll remember me how i loved to see you smile and hold you close you see for the best things in my life you hyave giving to me laughter love and a contentnice you see my heart always will love you no matter where i go in this world or the next a pleasent jounry though for i have learned to except all to remember the good and the lesson involved so i hope that you will always remember me as i go on my own journy you will always be part of me
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