Featured Poems 10
She’s cold and hateful, not innocent and sweet

As she travels along life’s roughest street

Where is the child who is still so young?

Having lots of time to grow up and have fun

In a grown up world she paces around

Where abusers and villains are there to be found

So young not knowing what lies ahead

While we sit here to worry if she’s alive or dead

Where is the child that we love so?

She hides so much we’ll never know

Lying and cheating with no conscience at all

Is it drugs she uses or alcohol?

Helping the child once happy and bright

Standing beside her will feed her appetite

Give her the care, guidance and love

Show her she can be as pure as a dove

Give loving support in this domicile

Never asking of others where is the child?



Pray For The Child
Your Choice...
Critics are everywhere -

ready to give advice

On where you worship or how

no one should have to think twice

Whatever your choice may be

it should always be up to you

God is watching everything

no matter what you do...

It's always your choice

where you hear the word

As long as you're satisfied

in believing what you've heard

It's your choice where to worship

for fellowship and pray

As long as you believe in Him

He'll be there anyway

You're going to feel so different

so fresh, so brand new

Knowing the choice you made

will be completely up to you

So listen to your heart,

heed the Masters voice

'Cause the way you worship Him

will always be 'Your Choice’...

~Sylvia Allison~




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