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New Contest for 2006:
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Contest Rules and Information:

First rule: Your poem or poems must be 20 lines or less. You may submit more than one.

Second rule: No poem will be accepted that puts down, expresses hate or the like towards any other person, race, religion or other groups of people. I shouldn't even have to say this, but there it is.

Third rule: Voting will begin as soon as submissions end. Authors may vote for themselves and there are no minimum votes. Vote as often as you like.

Submissions: Submissions are being taken now and will continue until August 15, 2006. Voting will begin August 16, 2006 and will run until November 16, 2006. Winners will be announced Dec. 16, 2006 on this site and will be notified by email. Any winner's poem submitted without a valid email address will be thrown out and next runner up will be declared the winner.

Prizes: Winner will have their choice of a signed copy of any of my  books listed on my site at
http://egparsons.com/books.htm, a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate, and if so desired, their poem published on the first page of an anthology of poetry published on lulu.com by me. All proceeds for this book will be donated to domestic abuse organizations. Date for publication will be announced later. Winner, second runner up and third runner up will recieve gift tag awards such as seen on the 2005 winner's page. Second and third runners up will also receive a signed copy of "Soaring Dreams ~ Daunting Reality" or a signed copy of the first edition paperback version of "Captive Fear" Everyone who submits or already has a poem on this site will be given the opportunity to have their poems in the new anthology for charity.

So have fun and submit those poems. All poems on the site are eligible to win with the exception of my own.

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