Featured Poems Index
Page 1
Why She Stays
A Woman's Place
Color Blind
Mother in Law

Page 2
Storm on the Horizen
You Are

Page 3
The Dark Cloud
Becoming One
Dear Me
Her Rainbow
The Untitled World Is Alone

Page 4
Love Not Forsaken
Sunset On My Heart
Blind Injustice

Page 5
Distant Dreams
When I Die

Page 6
My Dog

Page 7
Life Without You
Evil Speaks

Page 8
A Dream

Page 9
Hand of a Rose

Page 10
Pray For The Child
Your Choice

Page 11
The Only Difference
A Season
Honey I'm Fine
The Name
The Path of Life
Tribute To Mom
I Wouldn't Go There

Page 12
toni rose, our history, i miss you

Page 13
The Sun
Through Innocent Eyes

Page 14
See You Later

Page 15
We Have So Much To Share

Page 16
Angel With Broken Wings
Sweet Dreams

Page 17
Cabin in the Sky
Child With One Leg
I Walk in Silence
Save the Children

Page 18
One Man Falls

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