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Emotional Abuse (and use) from NPD Husband and, as in many families, from my NPD Mother in my adult life. Over the years, with my 5 children grown, the treatment becomes worse. Both characters are sufferers of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The characters are however, very different. The involvement of others, being blinkered by every day reason, makes victims very vulnerable to disbelief. The situation created by those dysfunctional personalities, can taint the innocent victim's character in the eyes of even their nearest and also never introduced, etc people who touch their lives in different ways. This happens globally, is recognised, but not remotely given the strength, voice and back up of a Law which is well overdue. This is extreme cruelty, and the seriousness, and subsequent much deserved punishment must be brought into force. People need to be educated and unblinkered. The constant magnifying glass of the media is very important, but is just one way of stopping the incessant and uncaring back-turning.

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