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Last updated: October 3, 2003

  • [10/03/03] Just had a chance to update the site with more pictures. Click around and enjoy!!!

  • [9/17/03] Posted a picture of a rare ornate diamondback terrapin with double nobs. Click on the
    very first link next to "***NEW***". Also, more pictures of terrapins coming soon.

  • [7/22/03] I have posted new pictures of my turtles here and there. I also posted new pictures
    of my new pond. Click on the "New Pond Pictures" link above.

  • [7/09/03] I am very sorry for those of you who tried to access the site for the past three months and
    kept getting the max data transfer page. There was a slight problem with geocities.
    But now, you can view as much as you can. Enjoy!!!

  • [1/26/03] Updated website with more pictures.

  • [12/7/02] Music added to the home page, so don't be scared if you suddenly hear sound.
    May take a while to load for modem (dial-up) connections.

  • [11/15/02] Other diamondback sites added to the new "links" link.

  • [10/3/02] New one month old hatchling pics added to the hatchling ornate diamondbacks link.
  • [6/1/02] Website created.

E-mail: uniqueturtles@yahoo.com

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