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Brief history.
Manchester united started life in 1878 as Newton Heath loco they first became a professional team in 1885, joining the football alliance after being refused entry into the football league. Their first game at this level brought them a 4-1 win over Sunderland Albion.
In 1892 the alliance merged with the football league and Newton heath went into the first division in a two division competition. In their first football league match Newton Heath lost 4-3 to Blackburn. In 1895 Newton heath beat walsall 14-0 this was a record score and still would be, but the match was ordered replayed because of complaints about the state of the pitch. In the replay NH could only manage a 9-0 victory.
In 1901 on the verge of bankruptcy a fund-raising fair was held. A St Bernard dog was sent around the fair with a collection box on its collar. The dog was found by a wealthy business man who eventually injected 3000 pstg into the club to keep them in existence. Due to this business man Manchester United was born in 1902. United's first game brought them a 1-0 victory over Gainsborough Trinity and the use of the now famous Red strip. United was gaining in popularity. The opening game brought 40000 through the turnstiles.

During the 1907/08 season United became a public company, obtained the services of Billy Meredith, and won their first league title.
In 1910 united moved into their present home Old Trafford. The move brought even more people to the games, 65000 people were attracted to the Aston villa game. The years prior to WW1 were success full for United, but the years between the two wars saw United drifting between the 1st and 2nd division. They actually avoided relegation to the 3rd by one point in 1934. During those years although United did not take any silverware except in the second division, their record attendance of 70504 was set in the 3-1 defeat at the hands of Aston Villa, in 1920.
After the war with the appointment of Matt Busby, an ex Liverpool and Man City player, things started to improve for United. Under Busby coupled with the United youth policy and the cheque book United took out the league championship five times and the F.A cup twice, also coming second nine times in those competitions.
United became the first British team to enter European competitions in 1956/7. unfortunately this led to the Munich air crash of February 1958. This was possibly the most tragic loss of sporting talent ever. A loss of 8 players, three managerial staff, and newspaper reporters, including possibly Europe's best ever footballer Duncan Edwards. this one event took Manchester United to the hearts of the entire world.
From the Munich disaster it took United untill 1963 to take any silver ware, an F.A cup final victory over Leicester city.

This was the start of brilliant years for United. The famous trio of Best Law and Charlton helped United to two league championships, an F.A cup victory and the ultimate prize the European Cup winners victory over Benfica.
When matt Busby retired in 1971 United went through various managers, non achieving the success that United fans expected. Tommy Docherty was probably their most popular until the present manager Alex Ferguson. The 70s and 80 brought limited success in the form of a second division championship and F.A cup victories. The year United won the second Division championship saw them also top the attendance figure beating all the first division clubs.

Alex Ferguson was appointed United's manager in 1986. After a slow start he has led them to the enviable position of being the best team in Britain by far. Winning the Premiership title three times the F.A cup three times including the F.A and League double twice, a feat done by no other club. Also the European Cup winners Cup Final. With the skill of Alex and his team the business acumen of the United management United have become the most valuable football club in Europe, and possibly the most supported.
United once again took out the premiership in 1996/97. They failed to win their Holy grail By losing in the European Champions semi finals against Dortmund. A further blow was the retirement of the magical Eric Cantona. Can United win the European Championship without Cantona, only time will tell.

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