bullet Jill GILLESPIE was born about 1961.

She was married to Troy Allen PEONE on AUG 16 1987 in Reno, NV.

bullet Benjamin GILLETT was born about 1757. He died UNKNOWN.

He was married to Ann STRONG about 1777.

bullet Esther GILLETT was born about 1690. She died UNKNOWN.

She was married to John LOOMIS about 1710. Children were: Damaris LOOMIS.

bullet Jerimiah GILLETT was born about 1650. He died UNKNOWN.

Children were: Rachel GILLETT.

bulletJoanna GILLETT was born on OCT 28 1680. She died UNKNOWN. Parents: Josiah GILLETT and Joanna TAINTOR.

She was married to Josiah I STRONG on JAN 5 1697/98. Children were: Hannah STRONG, John STRONG, Damaris STRONG, Elizabeth STRONG, Mary STRONG, Josiah II STRONG, Eunice STRONG, Caleb I STRONG, Rachel STRONG, Dorothy STRONG, Joshua STRONG, Irene STRONG, Asahel STRONG.

bullet Josiah GILLETT was born about 1655. He died UNKNOWN.

He was married to Joanna TAINTOR about 1675. Children were: Joanna GILLETT.

bullet Rachel GILLETT was born about 1680. She died on JAN 28 1768. Parents: Jerimiah GILLETT.

She was married to Zerubbabel II FILER on JAN 3 1705/6. Children were: Rachel FILER, Experience FILER, Silas FILER, Jeremiah FILER, Samuel FILER.

bullet Abigail GILMAN was born on DEC 22 1732. She died on AUG 15 1787. Parents: Peter GILMAN.

She was married to Job STRONG on DEC 6 1750. Children were: Nathaniel STRONG .

bullet Benjamin GILMAN was born about 1752. He died UNKNOWN.

He was married to Zeruiah STRONG about 1772. Children were: Nancy GILMAN, Harry GILMAN.

bullet Harry GILMAN was born about 1778. He died UNKNOWN. Parents: Benjamin GILMAN and Zeruiah STRONG.

bullet Nancy GILMAN was born about 1775. She died UNKNOWN. Parents: Benjamin GILMAN and Zeruiah STRONG.

bullet Peter GILMAN was born about 1700. He died UNKNOWN.

Children were: Abigail GILMAN.

bulletGILSON was born about 1599 in England. She died UNKNOWN in England.

She was married to John DAMON about 1615. Children were: John DAMON, Hannah DAMON.

bullet Bobby Lee GIMENEZ was born on MAY 28 1976. Parents: Gary GIMENEZ and Vendetta Marie HENDERSHOT.

bullet David Anthony GIMENEZ was born on APR 23 1973. Parents: Gary GIMENEZ and Vendetta Marie HENDERSHOT.

bullet Gary GIMENEZ was born about 1951.

He was married to Vendetta Marie HENDERSHOT about 1971. Children were: David Anthony GIMENEZ, Bobby Lee GIMENEZ, Gary Lee GIMENEZ, Lyndsay Marie GIMENEZ.

bullet Gary Lee GIMENEZ was born on SEP 5 1978. Parents: Gary GIMENEZ and Vendetta Marie HENDERSHOT.

bullet Lyndsay Marie GIMENEZ was born on JUN 25 1980. Parents: Gary GIMENEZ and Vendetta Marie HENDERSHOT.

bullet GIRARD was born about 1954.

He was married to Marie HEATH about 1974. Children were: Frank GIRARD, Anthony GIRARD, Justin GIRARD.

bullet Anthony GIRARD was born about 1980. Parents: GIRARD and Marie HEATH.

bullet Frank GIRARD was born about 1976. Parents: GIRARD and Marie HEATH.

bullet Justin GIRARD was born about 1983. Parents: GIRARD and Marie HEATH.

bullet Carrie Marie GIRSCH was born on OCT 7 1973 in Waterloo, IA. Parents: Michael Floyd GIRSCH and Sue Carol FIALA.

bullet Jennifer Sue GIRSCH was born on MAY 11 1971 in Waterloo, IA. Parents: Michael Floyd GIRSCH and Sue Carol FIALA.

bullet Michael Floyd GIRSCH was born on JUN 27 1947 in Waterloo, IA.

He was married to Sue Carol FIALA on JUL 13 1968 in Waterloo, IA. Children were: Jennifer Sue GIRSCH, Carrie Marie GIRSCH, Randy Michael GIRSCH.

bullet Randy Michael GIRSCH was born on OCT 29 1978 in Waterloo, IA. Parents: Michael Floyd GIRSCH and Sue Carol FIALA.

bullet Jayne GIRTON was born about 1957.

She was married to Warren Kenneth PFENNING on JUL 16 1983.

bullet GLEASON was born about 1924.

He was married to Betty Jean MATHENY before 1975.

bullet Wendy Sue GLEASON was born about 1967.

She was married to Roger Lowell UKER on JUN 20 1986. Children were: Shane Christian Allen UKER.

bullet David GLENN was born about 1957.

He was married to Michele Irene LORENZ about 1977. Children were: Jeanna Rae GLENN.

bullet Geri Kae GLENN was born on OCT 29 1963. Parents: Jim GLENN and Donna.

She was married to Roger Wayne SOMMERLOT on JUL 1 1984. Children were: Spencer Richard SOMMERLOT, Nicholas Reed SOMMERLOT , Rachel Kae SOMMERLOT.

bullet Jeanna Rae GLENN was born on MAY 3 1980. Parents: David GLENN and Michele Irene LORENZ.

bullet Jim GLENN was born about 1940.

He was married to Donna about 1960. Children were: Geri Kae GLENN.

bullet Debra Ann GLISSON was born on JUN 12 1972. Parents: Ira GLISSON and Myrle Ann MURTY.

bullet Ira GLISSON was born about 1948.

He was married to Myrle Ann MURTY on JUL 5 1969 in Waterloo, IA. Children were: Shelene Elizabeth GLISSON, Debra Ann GLISSON , John Goodwin GLISSON, Matthew Ross GLISSON.

bullet John Goodwin GLISSON was born on JUN 22 1974. Parents: Ira GLISSON and Myrle Ann MURTY.

bullet Matthew Ross GLISSON was born on AUG 2 1976. Parents: Ira GLISSON and Myrle Ann MURTY.

bullet Shelene Elizabeth GLISSON was born on AUG 30 1970. Parents: Ira GLISSON and Myrle Ann MURTY.

bullet Abigail GLOVER was born about 1660. She died UNKNOWN.

She was married to Daniel BURR about 1680. Children were: Mehitable BURR.

bullet Anna Kristina GODEN was born in 1796 in Baggböle. She died in 1864 in Baggböle. A BIT OF FAMILY HISTORY FROM VASTMANLAND DALARNE AND JAMTLAND

(Background & family history of Anna Kristina Goden, wife of "P.K. " Per Kristian Alenius)

In the 1600's there lived in Godbyn, Arboca, a prominent farmer whose name was ANDERS ERSSON. He was an armores and in the Thirty Years War, he was the leader of his own detachment. One of his sons studied theology and became an assistant Pastor in Appalboda and later in Jarna, Dalarne. He adopted the name GODENIUS. The rest of his brothers and sister remained in agricultural purociets.

GODENIUS had several sons and a number of them became clergymen in Vastmanland and Dalarne. One pastor's son, SAMUEL GODENIUS became a big businessman in Stockholm and also a wealthy Attorney and churchman in Stockholm--and as well, the owner of Ironworks and Foundries in Salarne. He had his own house near the Cathedral and also owned the Gustofsberg Porcelain Factory. His tomb is in the Katarina Cemetery.

SAMUEL GODENIUS was the father of eight children who continued to carry on his business and manufacturing establishments in Stockholm. One of the Godenius companies has survived in Stockholm until recent times. Many of the nephews of Godenius became clergymen. At one time there were in the county of Vasteras three Pastors bearing the name GODENIUS.

Some of the Godenius men became Opothecaries, and others were employed in the Postal system as well as in a variety of other careers, including agriculture. One of them chose a military career and eventually came to Jamtland. His name was JACOB NICKLAS GODENIUS. Here we have the name Jacob, a name to notice--for one of them was the famous JACOB ALENIUS of Alsen. Godenius was born in 1770 in the vicarage of Leksand. He shortened his name to GODEN. He became an Ensign (Sergeant) in the Jamtland Regiment of Dragoons in 1788, and a Lieutenant in 1794. LT. JACOB GODEN resided in Gardsta in Marby, and he died suddenly on the highway near the town of Hof in ALSEN. It was he who was in charge of the preparations of the war between Sweden and Norway.

His grave is said to be in the Cemetery of Alsen's old Church, and the story goes that so many salutes were fired off at his funeral the plaster on the walls of this Church loosened and fell off. What is the location of his grave near the Church wall today? He became a son-in-law of the Clergyman NILS BLOM and his wife ANNA MORT. Pastor Blom's daughter, KATARINA KRISTINA BLOM was born in the parsonage of Hammerdal in 1777. Together with her daughters by Lieutenant Goden, she was the owner of Gard number 5 in Upper Kjosta, Alsen, and she moved there when the new occupants of the parsonage arrived. Lieutenant Goden died in 1808, and in the year 1813 the widow Goden married JOHAN MONTELIUS, the Magistrate over more than half of Jamtland. Montelius, a clergyman's son was born in Smaland. He was know far and wide for his keen intellect and also for the huge fortune that he accumulated. He owned a house in Sodergar and Brunflo, but lived there for only a few years before moving to the farm in Upper Kjosta that his wife had inherited. On this farm and a neighboring farm that he bought, he lived until his death in 1848. The Montelius couple were the parents of two sons, KARL JOHAN VIKTOR, who became a farmer in Kjosta and married Mademoiselle FJELLSTROM. The other son, NILS DANIEL died young. The Goden daughters--the future Mademoiselles, grew up on the Montelius farm in Kjosta.

These daughters were ANNA KRISTINA, born in the Hammerdal parsonage in 1796. She married PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS, an orphaned clergyman's son from Lycksele, who was reared in the home of an uncle (?)--ANDERS ALENIUS of Lycksele, who was a brother of his father (other accounts tell a different story). He was born in 1796 and died as a retired pensioner at Hof in Alsen in the year 1873. As a young man of 16 or 17, he came from the Lycksele parsonage to his aunt, a sister of his father, who was married to the Bailiff ROOS, who lived in the rural mayor's mansion in outer Kjosta. It is not known whether he was a skier, but he was said to be a robust and athletic young man.

District Magistrate Montelius bought farm number one in Hof, Alsen, from the old Bailiff JONAS ANDERSSON ALENIUS. This Bailiff had a house of his own and did not live in the official Bailiff's residence. He built a very large house overlooking the main highway. This house is now used as the farm's storehouse for grain. After the purchase of the farm, the sons of the Bailiff became tenant renters on Soderberg, and from these sons, are descended the Gisslen families of Lit and Ragunda.

Nine children were born to PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS and ANNA KRISTINA GODEN--six sons and three daughters. All the sons attended Froso School and they became businessmen and breeders of horses. The eldest son, NILS GUSTAF, became a merchant in Stockholm, and one of his sons was KRISTIAN ALENIUS in Nordbyn. He and his family contributed funds to the congregation in Alsen, and JACOB ALENIUS and his brothers donated the tower clock to the church in Alsen. One son, PER VILHELM ALENIUS married a DILNER of Iviken. He was an enthusiastic horseman and Veterinarian and business trips took him as far as to Lycksele. On his last trip he donated his best volume on Veterinary Science to the townsmen of Lovberg in Strom. It would be interesting and desirable to find out if his book can still be found in that community.

The son, JOHAN (JOHN) OSCAR ALENIUS operated a large country store and he too was a prominent breeder of horses. The son, GOTTFRID, became an Innkeeper in Morsil and he and his wife donated the Bells for the Chruch building in Morsil. They also made gifts to Froson and Alsen. The wife was a native of Langaker in Froson. On of PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS' daughters married the German Photographer SCHMALLE, and his daughter KRISTINE became the wife of the Inspector STAHLNACKE of the Kings' farm in Gastrikland, --their son ARTHUR built the Hissmofora Sawmill in Krokom and also the Bergvik-Ala Mill in Halsingland.

The other GODEN daughter, LOVISA CATARINA--born in 1799 in Hammderdal parsonage, died in 1856 in Ostersund. She was married in 1825 to her cousin, Surveyor JONAS ERIK BLOM in Dortea Church in Lappmark. He died in Fagerdal, Hammerdal in 1866. Their children were Mailcarrier BLOM who transported mail between Ostersund and the Norwegian border. He married a girl from Stalltjarnstugan. Their daughter EUGENIA BLOM owned restaurants in Kvitale and in Mattmar, and also built the hotel in Melen. She emigrated to America and was married there. The other daughter, JOSEFINA, was married to the rope maker J.V. FROMAN, who was born in Stockholm. The old FROMAN house in Kyrkogatan (Church Street) is still standing and this street was identified locally as "the street of the ropemaker." Today the street is called Radhusgatan (the street of the City Hall). The Fromans had three girls. One daughter married to SANDBERG of Sindsvall. The second married ROSTAD of Trondhjem, and the youngest daughter, HILMA FROMAN, married a MR. ANDERSON who died and the widow is now living in Ostersund.
* * * * * * * * * *

Additional articles, you will note, as you read give different versions--some state P.K. PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS walked the long distance from Lyscksele to Alsen to live with his Aunt CATARINA (MRS. ROOS) at the age of ten. I have just typed the articles as they were written and we shall all have to draw our own conclusions.

**ALYCE NICHOLS had noted in pencil on the above article that she obtained it from LAURA OSTLUND of South Range, Wisconsin. Parents: Lt. Jacob Niklas GODEN and Katrina Kristina BLOM .

We shall have to leave them out of this account since we propose to limit our account
exclusively to the large family of the "Kontingent" PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS.

The eldest of Per Kristian's sons was NILS GUSTAF. He married KERSTIN PERSDOTTER, whose father was P. KRISTIANSON of the "Upland-Kjosta" family, as the old times expressed it. Tradition has preserved the memory of this KERSTIN'S blond Nordic beauty as she stood as a bride in the Alsen Church. NILS ALENIUS was said to be an industrious, pleasant chap--quick- witted, full of interesting stories--all in all, such an individual as only the old branch could produce. He was a trader in Stockholm, and most of the time his associate was "Erik in By" of Rodon. This "Erik in the City" was also a well-known personage in his day. Alenius is described as being an industrious and capable man of affairs, but he, too, had to a high degree the family trait of restlessness-a tendency towards melancholy, and a rash impetuosity in dealing with business matters as well as with the business of living. For some time the family lived in Alsen, and then in Ostersund or on the farm Lugnet, where the son Kristian was born. It is related that once NILS ALENIUS together with another well known man from Vangren, (later in Rodon), were locked up in the debtor's jailroom in Ostersund and that the mild tempered and forgiving wife of ALENIUS brought them food there. The family later moved to Alsen, where his brother P.V. ALENIUS helped him build a small cabin on the Montelius farm in Kjosta, and friends and neighbors gave aid to the sorely pressed family. Once again the father ventured on a business trip, but returned home broken in body and spirit. He did not recover. When his turbulent and tempestuous life ended, his family was left in difficult straits.

He left five children. The eldest was a girl who had been confirmed that same year, and the youngest was the little two-year old JACOB. It is said that the local pastor entered into the record of Alsen's Church, as he recorded the death of NILS GUSTAF ALENIUS, and additional comment that he died "UTFATTIC" (penniless, dead broke). This uncalled for entry, so mortifying and humiliating to the descendants of the deceased, was however to meet an ironic fate. One ought never pass harsh judgement on a deceased. The children of the "impoverished" man glorified the memory of him by their own highly sucessful and honorable careers, whereas the writer of the supercilious judgement of their sire ended his days in the poorhouse.

The "NILS-BOYS", as they were called, were four in number. They were employed as youngsters by their uncles to serve as errand boys and drivers, but these boys were made of good stuff. PER VICTOR, the oldest, was said to be a good looking and likable wild scamp who was the subject of many an anecdote. He married ANNA MARTA SPJUTH of Husa. The wedding was held in the home of bailiff Sunding who with Mrs. Sunding acted as hosts. An old person, still living, has a clear recollection of this wedding at which the bride attracted attention because of her beautiful face, and at which the guests sat on benches, smoking long, clay pipes. PER VICTOR left with his family for America (with his Uncle Rev. GEORGE NORBECK) and never returned. This was in 1882 and he died many years ago but his children are still living over there. GUSTAF was the name of the number two "NILSBOY". He married MARGARETA KINDLUND from Faviken in Kall. They too imigrated to America at the same time as PER VICTOR, and prospered in the new country. He later paid a visit to his home place. He is now dead, but is survived by children and grandchildren.

The third of the "NILSBOYS" was KRISTIAN, who acquired property by marrying a girl from the Jo-Pers farm in Norrbyn in Alsen.. This is a fine old farm worth visiting. The youngest of the "NILSBOYS" was JACOB. He died a few years ago. In his youth he got a scholarship from an association to attend a course in coachman training. Later he came to the Lewenhaupt estate in Sabyiund in Nerike--and later taught for a while in Ope agricultural school. It might be appropriate at this point to mention that JACOB ALENIUS was judged to be such a skillful driver that he was requested to act as coachman for King Oscar and for county Governor Asplund at the dedication of the international railway, fifty years ago. JACOB was reported to be a typical ALENIUS in his younger days, but then came the Good Templar Scociety with its blessed influence, and its activity spread far enough to include even JACOB ALENIUS. One might apply to him the ancient scaldic dictum "Soul proud, heart tender, blood hot and passionate." JACOB was a son-in-law of Color-Sergeant LUND in Alsen and lived on the Ol Nils C-ard in Hof. (My memory may be wrong and this farm might be in Vangen in Alsen). He died without issue. The clock in the tower of the Alsen church is a gift from him and his brothers (it's still there). He leaves a reputation as an honorable and respected man, and his house was one of hospitality and refuge.

NILS ALENIUS only daughter was ANNA KRISTINA ("STINA"). In her younger days she was with EUGENIA BLOM in Melen. (E. BLOM was first at Admiral Morners in the royal farm and later at Major Hartman's at Vagled on Froson). Later she became a dairywoman and is now apparently the sole survivor of the students in the first class that took the dairy training in Jamtland--organized in Morsil in the 1860's. She married the farmer ERIK PERSSON in Kjosta, Alsen (although it does not have much to do with this account it can be said about the last named that the urge to adventure and travel was in his blood, as it was in most Jamtlanders, and in order to get out to see the world he at an early age learned the shoemaker trade. Then with his hourneyman's permit in his pocket--signed by a man named Moberg--he set out. First he found employment at N. Lindquist in Ostersund, but later set out as an itinerant journeyman in Morway. I have seen a photograph of ERIK PERSSON from this period, and he loods like the typical journeyman as we children of today have pictured them, as for instance in the book " Andersson, Pettersson and Lundstrom," in the wide-awake, likable member of this time. Now the days of the journeyman are a matter of past history, a really merry and interesting bit of our cultural history. The children of this couple live and dwell both in towns and country. So much for the Kontigent citizen's eldest son and posterity.

P.K.'s second son was named PER VILHELM. He attended the Froso School, and when he was of age he bought the farm Hof of his father. He married BRITA DILLNER of Oviken. Their only daughter, KRISTINA, was married to, if I remember correctly, OLAF OLSSON JR. of Ol- Persgarden in Valne.

The third son of the Kontingent citizen was named FRANS ALENIUS. He came as a trader to Offerdal where he had some business with the parish. He married a girl unknown to me from Matimar. He, like so many of his family, was reputed to be of a somewhat melancholy nature, but this did not keep him from being a jovial person in the social circles of the ALENIUS group. In his private life he was quite different in personality. In his struggles for survival, he sought relief by taking his own life in suicide, leaving no heirs or descendants. It has been reported several times that he found life too oppressive to continue living, but at these times of despair he thought he saw his late mother regarding her son with a dolorous expression on her face, and this made him resolve to postpone until later his suicidal intent.

ANDERS ALENIUS was the fourth of the brothers. He came to Lycksele on business, and later became a dealer in farm products and was present at all market days. He had the reputation of being an expert on horses, but was otherwise a man of peculiar disposition. He died at this brothers' place in Alsen--unmarried as far as I know.

The fifth of the brothers, JOHAN OSCAR ALENIUS was perhaps the most famous of the group. He was as many will recall, a big operator in agriculture in his day. He made frequent business trips north to Lycksele and south to Stockholm and other places such as Hedemara. OSCAR was fond of making an impression as a great host and had an impressive household. He was certainly an industrious and respectable man, but it was said that his hands were too slippery to retain money. "An extremely sociable person and a superb conversationalist" said my father of him. My father was closely acquainted with many of these ALENIUS business men. OSCAR'S wife, KARIN ANDERSSON was from Kjosta and they resided for a time on the MONTELIUS farm in Alsen. Several of OSCAR's children imigrated to America. The son, JOHAN, became pastor and farmer in his home parish. One of OSCAR's daughters, ANNA married the master builder architect TJERNSTROM from Morsil. The other daughter married the slaughterhouse manager REISER of Ostersund.

PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS has six sons, the youngest of which was GOTTFRID. He was reputed to be a fine, quiet, proper man who read his book of devotions on Sundays, and might have turned into a solid citizen of Alsen, but he was drawn into the "free enterprise" and came to Kvistsla during the good times there when the communications with Norway was being constructed. He married MARIA ERIKSSON of Froson who had worked with the restaurant owner Mart Hansson in the city and was well trained in the art of household economy. GOTTFRID and MARIA ALENIUS bought a farm in Bye, Morsil and operated an Inn there during the famous "Rallartiden" when the western railway line was being built. They may have left this activity for there evidence that some time later, MARIA ALENIUS rented out rooms and took care of many individuals who suffered from lung diseases. Half a century ago western Jamtland was a popular resort for tuberculous patients. Both are now dead. GOTTFRID passed away in 1910 in Nyhem, Morsil. They left no children, but their memory is held in high regard by all who knew them. They had donated the bell for the Morsil church, and, if my memory is correct, they also remembered the newborn in Alsen and Froson with gifts of money. After having lived a life of honor and generosity they were both laid to rest in the Morsil cemetery.

There was also three daughters in this family--KRISTINA, LOVISA and EVA. As a young girl, KRISTINA came to Voxna factory and there she married the superintendent ANDERS STOHLANACKE, who may have come from Varmland. He lived to be more than (?) years old and is buried in Ovansjo churchyard. Some descendents survive.

LOVISA "Mamsell Lovisa," as she says she was called as a young girl, spent much time with relatives in Lycksele in her younger days, and she was said to have a sweetheart there--a "woodsman" she herself says, but fate had other plans, and her intended came on winter day about 1870 to Alsen. It happened that the well known home owner BENGT LARSSON in aggen, Marsil, came driving with a couple of German hatmaker apprentices that he dropped off at the ALENIUS farm in Hov. One of the called SCHMALLE but I have forgotten the name of the other one. He did not remain there very long, but SCHMALLE stayed. This German began to make woolen bedroom slippers of felt that he used to boil in the process of making the felt at the ALENIUS place. He was originally a well brought up lad, but did not manage his life too well. They say that his trousers were so tattered that he used to hide them by wearing an apron. Well, a young girl is perhaps not the captain of her own soul. Anyway, LOVISA forgot all about her woodsman and concentrated on the German apprentice. It is told that SCHMALLE, who was not at all fluent in the Swedish language, went to the provost Astrom to be taught the marriage formula,--"I GUSTAF ADOLPH SCHMALLE take you, LOVISA AMALIA ALENIUS" etc.. The wedding took place during the Franco-Prussion War of 1870-71, and consequentially SCHMALLE and his furture father-in-law got into violent arguments. ALENIUS was politically an eager partisan of the French, where SCHMALLE of course was out and out German. After their wedding the couple made their home near the Alsen church where LOVISA ran a bakery and cafe while SCHMALLE continued to felt wool for his slippers. This was a time that the later so well known Polish photographer Huczkovsky had settled in Jamtland and seems to have operated for a time in Alsen before he moved away to spend the remainder of his life in Jarpen. SCHMALLE learned from him the photography procedure, and when Ytteran developed into a popular water resort, the SCHMALLES moved there. LOVISA baked delicious cakes and SCHMALLE led an idle but enjoyable social life among the many resort guests that gathered here every summer. All of us who have spent some summers in the beautiful Ytteran will certainly remember the little cabin of SCHMALLE and LOVISA at the place where the Alsen Lake touches Ytteran, the cabin is now changed. SCHMALLE circulated and had a good time. He spoke German and LOVISA gave him frequent friendly scolding, and told involved stories about her complicated family tree. "Now I'll tell you how it hangs together" says LOVISA as she begins a long involved recitation about everybody and everything, cheerfully and exhaustingly. And SCHMALLE--even today I can recall the picture taking scene. One had to sit stiffly upright, and then SCHMALLE would say: "Faren gate, sittjen stille, fer no perges----" as he was about to snap the photo. I know what I am talking about for I lived with this old couple an entire summer. The couple had no children. LOVISA died first and the old German was left alone in a foreign land. What had he done, do you suppose that made him leave all his family in Germany to settle down up here? Why did he not send a single line about his whereabouts to his friends and family? here, in passing, a little anecdote about this. A son of the aforementioned STAHLNACKE came as a young student to visit his relatives in Alsen. He was just then making preparations to go to Germany to round out his education. LOVISA SCHMALLE who had such a strong interest in her family history must have wondered more that once about her husband's genealogy, a subject he never mentioned. She said to her nephew STAHLNACKE: "When you get to Berlin and hear about anyone who bears the name SCHMALLE , find out all about him. He may be a relative of my old man." Now, it was hardly certainty that this might happen but apparently it can occur that the neddle is found in the haystack, for, sure enough. One day he came in touch with a person named SCHMALLE, and in the course of the conversation this man was found to be a brother of the photographer in Ytteran. The German then informed him that all the family of the brother in Germany believed that the one who had left was dead and gone. The brother in Germany was now a retired factory owner, and of course he was very glad to find his long lost brother. The German brother repeatedly wrote to SCHMALLE and asked him to come home to visit his family members, but he never came. Perhaps he preferred to stay with LOVISA and his idle friends in his new homeland. He was born ner Berlin and had been given a good basic education, and he had learned a trade. He had set out on an apprentice journey and happened to be in Hamburg when the war between Denmark and Germany broke out in 1864. At this time, SCHMALLE fled and finally landed in Kristiania where he remained for several years. The he moved to Trondhjem and eventually he crossed the mountains to stop in our community. Here he found a freedom, a small cottage, and LOVISA.

The youngest of PER KRISTIAN's children was the daughter EVA. Many remember her from the time she took care of Stara Hotel in Ytteran and also Hotel Reinklo in that place. In later years EVA ALENIUS lived with relatives in Ostersund, lively, proper and stately to the end. One day it was reported that EVA, who had helped make so many homes enjoyable, but who had never had a home of her own, had suddenly passed away. She was first buried in the local cemetery, but later her remains were moved to her family's plot in Alsen's cemetery. She was the last one of the large family of brothers and sisters to join her family in its own burial lot at Alsen's church.

Many are they who have come to our area, but few have filled such a large bit of place and time as did that little kid from Lycksele--PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS and his posterity.

by Anna Werner



We have frequently had occasion to concern ourselves with the nobility and the clergy families of our province and even with the broad general masses of people who have resided in the Ostersund area. Today, I am going to tell about an old family that is now approaching extinction in the Alsen locality, but is known far and wide--namely the ALENIUS family. I have the feeling they are less numerous than they used to be, but at any rate we can not afford to forget this genial and capable element in our personal history.

In outer Kjosta in Alsen there was in former times an estate occupied by the District Judge of the county. This bit of royal property was apparently sold by the crown and became a farm. In the late 1700's this place was the residence of a rural Bailiff named ROOS (Ros), whose wife was Christina Alenius, a Pastor's daughter from Lycksele. This Mrs. Roos was the first Alenius known to have taken up residence in Jamtland. There was no surplus of this worlds goods in her home--the Lycksele parsonage with its' 14 children. In order to offer her parents a measure of relief in carrying their heavy economic burden, Mrs. Roos offered to take care of one of her younger brothers (nephews) a lad who was ten years old at the time. Money was scarce and means of transportation was extremely primitive, with roads and highways almost nonexistent, so this little tyke set out on foot to walk the long way--Lycksele to Alsen. Many a time I have in my imagination accompanied the little fellow on his lonely journey to our community here as he trudged along--cold, wet, and most likely hungry--mile after mile. Eventually, this cold little kid became the financier and the eminent citizen who was so well known in the business life of Jamtland. PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS, of Alsen. He was born in 1796 in Lycksele, and died 1873 in Alsen.

PER KRISTIAN grew up in the home of his sister (aunt?) in Kjosta, but as an adult he became a KONTINGENT citizen, and as such had the right to transact business both in town and country, wherever he might want to do so. He became a highly influential personage in this day. He rented the Aberg manorial estate for several years, and also the Vangen residence; and he was remembered by his posterity as a very active and enterprising fellow. He was an eager hunter and in every way he represented a fine example of the early-day Jamtland "man of affairs" at his best. PER KRISTIAN became the son-in-law of the District Governor Montelius in Kjosta by marring this step-daughter, KRISTINA GODEN. she was the daughter of Mrs. Montelius, in her previous marriage to Lieutenant Goden of Jamtlands regiment. This marriage may well have been the source of the aristocratic upper-class air and bearing that always characterized the members of the Alenius family, including those who by marriage to individuals from the farmer class might--so to speak--have stepped out of their original superior social levels to become "plain ordinary farmers," as the saying goes.

PER KRISTIAN ALENIUS union with Kristina Goden was blessed with many offspring and it is the fate and fortune of these people that we shall now in brief conciseness discuss. Before we make a closer acquaintances with each of them, it may be well to mention that a sister of PER KRISTIAN and Mrs. Roos also came to Alsen, and she served for some time as housekeeper for the Montelius. She later married a cotter from the local parish and thereby excludes herself from this history. Two more youngsters from the Lycksele family group were also taken into the Alenius household at Alsen, and they served as laborers on the Vangen property. To the best of my knowledge these two married into Offerdal.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Children were: Nils Gustaf ALENIUS, Per Vilhelm ALENIUS, Frans ALENIUS, Anders ALENIUS, Johan Oscar ALENIUS, Gottfrid A. ALENIUS, Kristine ALENIUS, Lovisa Amalia ALENIUS, Eva ALENIUS.

bullet Lt. Jacob Niklas GODEN was born in 1770 in Leksand, Sweden. He died in 1808 in Alsen, Sweden. Famous Military Man.
Lt. Goden was a descendant of Anders Erson--Their records date in the 1600's. They later changed their name to Godenius--and later still to Goden. Very wealthy, influential people--landowners, lawyers, military, etc.

Children were: Anna Kristina GODEN, Lovisa Catarina GODEN.

bulletLovisa Catarina GODEN was born in 1799 in Baggböle. She died in 1856 in Baggböle. Lovisa Catarina Goden married her cousin Jonas Erik Blom. Parents: Lt. Jacob Niklas GODEN and Katrina Kristina BLOM .

Children were: Eugenia BLOM, ? BLOM, Josefina BLOM.

bulletFred J. GODFREDSON was born about 1892. He died in NOV 1961.

He was married to Luella CHRISTENSEN on SEP 4 1917 in Elk Point, SD. Children were: Mildred GODFREDSON.

bullet Mildred GODFREDSON was born about 1920. Parents: Fred J. GODFREDSON and Luella CHRISTENSEN.

She was married to Richard Lee TAINTER on AUG 1 1948. Children were: Thomas Richard TAINTER, Terri Rae TAINTER, Anthony Robin TAINTER, Traci Ann TAINTER.

bullet Minta GOEHRING was born on JUN 24 1889. She died on AUG 26 1974 in Williams, OR.

She was married to Clifford Eyman KURTZ on DEC 24 1912. Children were: Dorothy Fern KURTZ, Eyman Clifford KURTZ, Dellas Ernestine KURTZ , Evelyn Irene KURTZ, David Sidney KURTZ.

bullet Susanna Blanche GOERTZEN was born on MAY 11 1905 in Mt. Lake, MN. She died in 1980.

She was married to Ernest Ralph PARCHER on DEC 23 1926. Children were: Frances PARCHER.

bullet Gary GOETTSCH was born about 1937. Parents: Gilman GOETTSCH .

He was married to Janice Louise RICHARDS on AUG 28 1987.

bullet Gilman GOETTSCH was born about 1915.

Children were: Gary GOETTSCH.

bulletHannah GOFFE was born about 1645. She died UNKNOWN.

She was married to John II MOORE about 1664. Children were: John MOORE, Samuel MOORE.

bullet Janice L. GOLDEN was born about 1938.

She was married to William Carl KUNKLE about 1958. Children were: Deborah Lynn KUNKLE, Gary William KUNKLE, Kristine Rene KUNKLE.

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