Cherokee Medicine Society

Member of N.A.M.S.A.,
and Daughters of Native America

Native American Medicine Society Alliance

The Cherokee Medicine Society dates back for hundreds of years.
Formed at the time of our Blood Wars,
in the hopes to reduce unnecessary killing among the extended families of
those found guilty in the worst crime possible to the
citizens of the Cherokee Nation.


Native-American medicine is classified as an indigenous healing tradition.
Because 80% of the World’s population cannot afford Western high-tech medicine,
indigenous traditions collectively play an important global healthcare role -
so much so that the World Health Organization recommended that
they be integrated into national healthcare policies and programs.

Although Native-American healing reflects the diversity of the many Native Nations
or tribes that have inhabited “Turtle Island” (i.e., North America),
common themes exist not only between them but with many
of the World’s geographically diverse, ancient indigenous traditions.

Members are traditional and non-traditional practitioners of Holistic Shamanistic studies.
Our particular society is Cherokee bases, and our organization
headquarters is located near Tahlequah Oklahoma, the capital of the Cherokee Nation.
There are many bands around the world from other base traditions.
Together we formed a once very secret organization. The NAMSA.

To communicate with our organization,

Send inquiries to

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