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For that little bit of Rebel in you.

Hey, glad you dropped by. Come on into the front porch and ..

Have a seat in one of the kick off your shoes and help yourself to some Sun Tea In these pages you will read about the Legend of the Fairy Cross, some Mountain Lore and the story of Kudzu our famous fast growing plant.

By this time, you'll be mighty hungry, so stop off at my big country kitchen. Read about the funny Roadside Dinners , while I cook up some good old Southern food, such as fried catfish , grits , barbeque , blackberry jelly , and more .

Now that you're stuffed from that good food, relax and read some Craft Tips ,and State facts , as well as how to speak genuine Mountain Speech .

Got that Mountain Speech down? Stop by and win one of Bubba's AWARDS too. Just e-mail us at and away you go!

We're not done yet, so don't go away. I've added an on-line bookstore for the readers in the family. You can also purchase music cd's here. You can either choose what I have listed or browse the store for more. Go on in and look around. I've tried to get something for everyone.

Done browsing? Read what others had to say.

These are the last stops, I promise. My friends have some nice pages, my awards need some viewing and don't forget to go through my webrings .

We have A CARNIVAL LINK!!! Just enter HERE. Now, go on...before I find more to show you...hurry up...go have some fun...but remember to come back soon as I am always making changes and additions.:).

We have had some unfortunate events due to an online stalker which led me to remove personal and some very useful and amusing info I had listed in these pages. I'm terribly sorry to have had to do it, but until the person is warned, this is the way it is.

Take The Rail the Rail if you would like to visit more great pages.

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