"Letters to Jessica"
A Child's Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit
by Robert Bissett

Table of Contents

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Part 1 "The Letters"
48K             Letters 1-4

Part 2 "The Letters" continued...
56K             Letters 5-8

Part 3 "The Lessons"
58K             Lessons 1-6
Lesson 1: Government Abolished: Anarachy or Happiness?
Lesson 2: Human Government: Chaos and Conflict
Lesson 3: True Faith and Allegiance: to Whom is it Owed?
Lesson 4: The State: Fact or Fiction?
Lesson 5: Mind Control in the Classroom
Lesson 6: Democracy is Dreadful

Part 4 "The Lessons" continued...
56K             Lessons 7-11
Lesson   7: Democracy or Theocracy...
Lesson   8: Seeds of the Kingdom
Lesson   9: Is Human Law Binding?
Lesson 10: Salvation and The Kingdom Too?
Lesson 11: The Kingdom Begins Small

Part 5 "The Lessons" continued...
53K             Lessons 12-13
Lesson 12: The Doctrine of Abdication
Lesson 13: Tolstoy and the Dukhobors

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