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Cause StoneCold Said So!

Welcome to "Cause StoneCold Said So!" In my opinion, StoneCold is the Baddest SOB around!!!!! Here's some basic info about him...I'll be updating my site all the time, so check it out often! If you like it, sign my guestbook...If you don't like it, keep your ass away from my book, cause StoneCold Said So!!! I AM NOT Stonecold Steve Austin!! Please do not e-mail me thinking that I am.

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Vital Stats:

Real name : Steve Williams
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 252 lbs.
Date of Birth : 12/18/1964
Residence: Victoria, Texas
Pro. wrestler since 1990
Finishing maneuver : Stone Cold Stunner
Former Southern Champion
Former 2 time WCW TV Champion
Former WCW Tag Team Champion
Former 2 time WCW US Champion
King of the Ring 1996
Winner of the Royal Rumble 1997
Former 3 time WWF Tag Team Champion
Former 2 time WWF Intercontinental Champion
Winner of the Royal Rumble 1998
Former 2 time WWF Heavyweight Champion

Here's the Real Audio version of Stone Cold's entrance it to your hard drive, and it's yours!!!


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