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Peke Avenue

Part of my Mobil Flying Red Horse Collection

My 2003 Star Quilt top...it was quilted and given to my daughter

Dept 56. site that offers collectibles!
Simply Collectible.com

We are Listed at Free Patterns

I love the Dept 56 Christmas Village collectibles. None of mine are for sale and, at this time, I am not buying due to space restrictions. My preference is the Snow Village and Dickens Village. We moved in late 2002 to a smaller home and not as many are displayed here. For info on Dept 56, I usually use a search engine such as yahoo.com


This will feature my collection of "Lady Vases", which is what I have always called them. I am not sure of the proper name. I understand they have their own publication now but I haven't found a copy yet. None of this collection is for sale either. I "collect" for pleasure and seldom sell anything at all. I bought most of my vases back in the 50's when they were so popular. If you email us, please mention this site. We have others just for our dogs and cats.

This section will feature a picture or two of
my Pekingese collection...my most on-going,
because of my devotion to the magnificent little
breed of dogs that are my favorites. I will include
some information and links also. I have a nice sized
"collection" laying about under the computer desk too!

My 2003 project...the pieces are not sewn together yet.


I have been a fan of the art of Crochet for many years and have been actually crocheting for almost 25 years. The beautiful ones pictured elsewhere on this site are the ones done by my mom, who crocheted every evening for a few hours. This section won an AWARD and I especially thank Shannon for this honor!

Regarding the pics above, I still have my mom's old VERY OLD 10 cent crochet books and this pattern was originally done in thread and was called the "Rose Bower Bedspread"..colors are Hunter Green, Burgundy and White. This one I am making will cover her king size bed and probably hang over the sides with the fringe around it. The fringe will probably take it to the floor. This lady helped me move or I would NOT have made it this big. I am sick of it by now.

The Crochet Network's Award of Excellence.
Award #2:

Shannon's kind words about this site:
" It is very rare that I come across a site that is so nice,
that I haven't been asked to review. The qualifications are
really quite strict, yet your site made a really nice
impression and is very well designed."

A recent addiction is plates, although I have had to stop collecting much because the "cottage" is small (grin). Most of my plates are "southwestern" although I have a few that feature other things.



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