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Ed Jaggard's Home Page at Geocities

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languages, philosophy, classical music and jazz, Sci-Fi and more!!

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Click the next link to enter a jumping off area to all sorts of brave new worlds. Links to virtual tours and worlds and much more!! The java thing takes a little while to load.
Explore new worlds, new ideas. Visit exotic places. Expand your horizons. The following link is your ticket for Exploration and Discovery.
  • A Twisting, Winding Maze of Links

    Internet White Pages Looking for Someone - Try This Link

    My Testing Page Page for testing things.

    Frames Testing Page


    This is an attempt to put together some centralized information
    for all the Jaggards out there on the Internet

    The JAGGARD Page

    Ed's Personal Info and Pictures

    Language Info:

    My Language Links Links and resources for many languages




    Philosophy Page


    Programming Links Page

    POVRAY, Animation and Graphics

    POVRAY, graphics and Animation Links Page
    Also has jump off links to 3-D ring, POVRAY ring, Eye Candy ring and more!!!


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  • Romanticism and Impressionism


  • Music and Midi Links Page


    Sci-fi (Babylon5, Dune, Blade Runner, Dr. Who????

  • Babylon 5
  • DuneLots of links
  • BladerunnerRots of Rinks!! Is there an android in your future???
  • Other Sci-fi links
  • If your browser is VRML2 enabled, check out my VRML homepage at

  • Ed's Virtual World

    If you'd like your own free VRML homepage Click Here!!

    Links to the Home Pages of friends and relations:

    My Home Page At Tripod
    My Home Page At AngelFire

    Carlos JimÈnez

    Arvind RamakrishnanArvind's Home Page

    R. Karl Werner
    commercial site
    personal site

    Captain Lee VallerieCaptain Lee Vallerie's Home Page

    My wife Cathy has a homepage atCathy Jaggard's Homepage

    My sister Margot Christensen's Renaissance Realm Way Cool!!!!!

    Here is a link to my friend and cousin David Allen Hill in Mission Viejo, California
    David Allen Hill's Homepage

    and a link to where I workWilliam J. Hughes Technical Center (FAA) - Atlantic City, NJI am a C++ prgrammer on the TCAS project having just completed some prototype work on an AI project using RTworksTalarianI work for Systems Resources Corporation.

    Here is a very special page. Here I try to explain Why I am a Christian. Please take some time to look at the material and links I have put here especially for you!!


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