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Ryan's '90 Toyota Supra Turbo

Horsepower: 242
Torque: 270
Weight: 3750 lbs. (including system)
Engine: 7M-GTE 2954cc
Transmission: R154
Boost: 6.8psi
Turbo Toyota: TC-26
Spark Plugs: NGK BCPR6EP-N8
Injector Size: 440cc
Compression: 8.4:1
Cylinder Pressure: 142
Fuel Pressure: 33-40psi
Fuel Shutoff: 11.4-13.7psi
Intercooler Efficiency: 3psi drop@6.8psi
Wheels: 16x7 / 225-50-16
Tires: Nitto NT450 Extreme Performance

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