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Fayenatic! A series of pages about the divine Chinese pop star,Faye Wong Chin Man, dedicated specially to all who loveher and hold her dear in their hearts. Faye Wong is the undisputed Queen of Chineseand Canto-pop in Asia!
Faye Wong
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Come on in and read about Faye Wong's biography, her discography, listen to a wide collection of midi tunes, view her picture gallery and much more!Only once in a lifetime do we meet a fairy with sucha pure, pristine, angelic voice that enthralls millionsworldwide. Only once do we come across a pop star whois unafraid to show us the person she truly is, whetheron or off stage.

"Faye Wong is a very smart person, with a very kind heart. She treats people withsincerity. She never habours great ambitions when it comes to her entertainment career. She knows how to plan her own career andvery clearly, knows what she wants. She never purposely tries to attainwhat she knows she can't achieve. Yet, she has a very determined nature.She is willing to experiment and accept new things. That's why I often address heras a avant garde singer."

- Na Ying, in an interview
on her relationship
with Faye Wong

"You agitate to reach a certain kind of status quo. Once you achieve that, you agitate to change again. It's a never-endingprocess."

- Faye Wong

Faye Wong

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