"The Star and the Challis" / My realizations, based on Cabalah and Catholicism

I feel compelled to put my studies into writing, because of the distress I have experienced, for the greater part of my life, regarding the enormous amount of mystical practices and beliefs, professed as being "the true path to enlightenment". I make no claim to posses "the answer". My intent is to share my realizations regarding the souls journey through this life and the afterlife. I will be imposing: the seven Christian Sacraments; the seven deadly sins; the ten persona's comprising divinity, mortality, and creation; and the four divisions of the present afterlife, onto the "Tree of Life" structure. I am using this as a paradigm to illustrate completeness and to demonstrate levels of being.

My descriptions of the application of the Sacraments and the vices are based purely on the negative and positive effects to the soul. I have not included the relevance of these acts as pertaining to actual membership in the Christian community. The intent of this writing is not of conversion, but of sharing information and insight. I do not prescribe to a brownie point system or body count for converted souls. I pray for the healing of all humanity and hope my insight can be helpful to others seeking to heal themselves. and for those working towards the continuous transformation of their soul into the original design of the divine.

The title of my webpage and my book, I am working on, represents the Holy Star of David and the challis of Holy Communion with Jesus. I settled on this title while studying and drawing the "Tree of Life" diagram, which houses the 10 Sephiroth.

The Star of David is formed by the union of: Kether (1), Chesed (4), and geburah (5), Thus forming the Holy Trinity (Paternal); and the union of Chokmah (2), Binah (3), and Tipereth (6), forming the Maternal Trinity (the triune nature of the mother of God).

The challis is formed by the triune nature of humanity: Netzach (7), representing the mind; Hod (8), representing the soul; and Yesod (9), representing the body; linked to Shekinah (10), representing the earth, or creation.

My projected plans and goals for building this page:

This webpage will grow, gradually. I am just learning the html, (8-17-98) was my first try at it. I have three very young children also, so nap time is my only computer, writing, or studying time. My e-mail is in my husbands name but this is Barb not Kevin writing. I will be explaining and illustrating the "Tree of Life", the Sephiroth, ect. The following table of contents will be linked to their prospective pages, as I work on them, so go ahead and check (just started 8-30-98) they will be highlighted by astericks.

Projected Table of Contents

* The Study of Kabbalah

* The Sephiroth *

* The Demise of the Soul *

* The Sacramental Ascension of a Human Soul *

* The After Life

* The Four Living Creatures

* A Miscellany of Essays Regarding The Soul's Journey

* White Buffalo Woman Story

* Bibliography

* Catholic Webrings *

* Dreams and Visions *

* Gracious Awards *

Miraclulous People Links

* Audrey Santo, Captive Soul, and Healer *

Marian apparition links:

* Our Lady of Fatima*

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* Our Lady of Guadalupe *

* Our Lady of Lourdes *

* The Marian Archive *

The Study of Kabbalah (Cabalah):

The ancient Hebrew study of Kabbalah can be traced back a few hundred years before the birth of Jesus. It is an ordered mystical study of the Holy Torah, with the premise that the Torah is the embodiment of God. The Torah is an organic housing for the essence of God. The backbone of Kabbalistic study is the Tree of Life, which houses the Sephiroth (numbers 1-10) and the Hebrew alphabet; which is also numerically based.

My aproach to this study is that of a Catholic. The spelling of the study changes, to Cabalah for the Catholic based approach. The spelling is also changed in the occult approach to this method of study, to: Qabalah.

I do not condone the use of this study, for occult practices. I consider, this type of behavior, harmful to the human soul and counterproductive to spiritual growth.

Most Scripture I will use, to illustrate my points, will be from the writings of St. John (apostle of Jesus). I had not originally intended to quote Biblical Scripture, but it came through so much clearer with it, than without it. The writings of John corospond perfectly with Kabbalistic, though. I have no idea if this is due to the fact that; his writings came from divine vision; or if this was a familiar form of study to him, that influenced his way of illustrating his Visions.

The Sephiroth

The Sephiroth are the numbers 1-10, placed in fixed positions, on the Tree of Life. Each number is given a place regarding the order of it's creation and properties are associated with the number, regarding it's conception order and it's placement on the pillars of the Tree.

There are three pillars: The right hand pillar is the pillar of mercy; The left hand pillar is the pillar of justice; and the center pillar is the pillar of mildness or unity.

For this study I am attributing the placements of the Sephiroth to: the 6 personas of Divinity; The triune nature of God and the triune nature of the Mother of God; The triune nature of humanity (body, soul, and mind); and the Earth or Creation.

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