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"But I thought a cluster was a bunch of grapes."

Well, that is one cluster but this cluster is a bunch of Unitarian Universalist churches. The way the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) is set up the Churches and Fellowships are part of a Cluster, which is a just geographical area. The Southeast Cluster of the Florida District runs from Stuart south to Key West in eastern half of the state. It also includes the US Virgin Islands. This does not mean the Cluster runs the churches. The UUA is a bottom up organization. This is from one of our pamphlets:
"Our congregations are self-governing. Authority and responsibility are vested in the membership of the congregation. Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is involved in many kinds of programs." (Excerpted from "We Are Unitarian Universalists", pamphlet #3047 Unitarian Universalist Association, 1995)
So what does the Cluster do? Our job is to facilitate communication between Churches and Fellowships. We try to be a clearinghouse of information. Each congregation has representatives to the cluster and we meet every quarter and let each other know what is going on each congregation, what programs and social action we are involved in. This helps us to concentrate our energy when needed and exchange ideas, thoughts and concerns. Members of the cluster also help each other out with special events such as canvass dinners. The Southeast Cluster board also appoints a person to the SWIM (Southeastern Winter Institute in Miami) board.
Each Cluster president is a member of the District Board of Trustees. The district is a larger geographical area and is made up of several clusters. The Florida District is the state of Florida. Other districts encompass several states. The cluster presidents bring to the district issues that may require more resources or have a broader impact than just the cluster.
Each District has a representative on the UUA Board of Trustees. Some trustees represent several districts depending on their size (in people not geographical size). The UUA is headquartered in Boston and provides services to congregations, develops Religious Education programs, spurs social action and does many other things on a national level.
But we are not always serious! The cluster also sponsors social events; these include campouts, potlucks and other gatherings. UU's do like a party.

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Our interests are:
Many and varied.

Mission Statment

We are a diverse group of poeple of all ages and we interact in a shared vision.

To develop and promote Unitarian Universalist ideas and identity.

To network and share information concerning all phases of church organization, structure and ideas to improve our fellowships and churches.

To publicize and support church programs, Cluster programs, District programs and denominational programs.

To provide education through workshops and educational programs.

To sponsor social events and gatherings.

We offer Liberal Religion and Shelter for those Fleeing Dogma.

We are a Center for Liberal Religious Values and Social Action in Southeast Florida.

We Comfort the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable.

"We Do Not Have to Think Alike to Love Alike." -- Francis David,

The Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association

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There is also a Unitarian Universalist Newsgroup soc.religion.unitarian-univ on-line.

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