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The Bad Poetry Page Mission Statement

Well, in giving people a chance to explore the worst sides of their artistic talent, we believe that they may come to recognize the horrible when they see it. Hey, some of the best authors in the world have the talent for writing some rather nauseous verse. We hope that by showcasing some of this bad poetry, such travesties of nature will never be forced upon innocent minds again.

Also, we'll offer a few links to some of the cool sites that we think have at least a small portion of literary merit. Not to mention showing off some of our not so bad poetry.

So here's some of our Bad Poetry…

Click Here for the Bad Poetry

Also for the sake of all the legal mumbo jumbo that everyone else has on their pages, I'd just like to state that all work posted is under copyright by the author, (not us unless we happen to be the author) and therefore please don't copy or use it without permission. We work hard to think of such travesties of nature... well... maybe not too hard, but the poems are ours, gosh darn it!

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List o' Links

The Virtual Fridge Ooooh, magnetic poetry

Liarbyrd's Incredibly True Opinions Harrison Ford, The Vikings, Bill Gates, Barney, Bob Dole, Danielle Steel, Rupert Murdoch... you name it... she's got a theory...

Athene19's Ancient Myths and Modern Cult Athene's look at Classics and the Gods, Tribute to the Avengers, The X-Files, and General Athene Stuff.

Omouse's Internet Ramblings The continuing saga of Omouse's strange urges to write about things like getting slimed by apricot jam and her professor's odd conclusion that Shakespeare was in fact a Klingon. Now includes, Spring Holiday,and Omouse's Trips to Ireland and Paris. Ooh la la!

Stick Figure Death Theater (not exactly literary but cool nonetheless)

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Some Not so Bad Poetry

Click here...

Oooh… it's an X-Files poem

"Sestina to Mr. Blue"

Melissa's "Fragment #9"

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