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Messianic Israel Japan

Now we are "Messianic Israel"!
You may call yourself if you are a gentile.
Do not call yourself "Messianic gentile"or
"Messianic gerim"or "Messianic goim".

Explanations for Messianic Israel

This site is doubly dedicated to explain the historical implication of Messianic Jews movement in Japanese and English language. The developer of this home page is a  transitional keeper of the seventh day "Shabbat." My hope is that this page will be thought provocative to sincere readers.

"Messianic Israel" means gentile members who support the spiritual movement of the Messianic Judaism, while"Messianic Jews" are Jewish people who accepted the Deity of Yeshua (Jesus); therefore, they accept Jesus (Yeshua) as a messiah! In order to be a messianic Israel, you do not have to be a decentdant of the tribes of Judas or Benjamin nor to carry a biological marker of Jews. All you need to do is accepting Jesus (Yeshua) as a Messiah and decide to follow the principle of Torah with faith. Remember, Rahab and Ruth were accepted as Jews by the same reason although they came out of gentiles. So nothing is contradicting with the Bible at all.
For the sake of clarity to new unfamiliar readers, I have written words like "God" and "Lord" in full, rather than "G-d" or "L-rd." Also, I have at times spelled out "Adonai" rather than use Hashem or some other synonym. I sincerely apologize if this usage is offensive to some while I appreciate your understanding only in respect of the special dedicating purpose of this home page.


English Section:

(1) Critical Definition of "Messianic Jews"
(2) Requirement to be a "MJ", deep thought from Gerim.
(3) Historical Implication of Messianic Jew.
(4) Unique contributions that the Seventh Day Adventists made.
(5) Issues of Japanese-Jewish connection.
(6) Hidden lesson from the episode of Ms. Anne Frank.
(7) Sanctuary and Yeshua.
(8) Christian should not celebrate December 25 as Jesus' birthday.
(9) There are reasons that many Jews do not believe that Jesus was a messiah and that there will be no second coming of Him. 
(10) Is the Talmud the words of G-d?
(11) Messianic Jews, let us have more blessing by paying Tithe!
        You may find basic concept of MJ in this part. However, the most descriptive explanations of MJ may be seen in the other great MJ home page sites. So, please understand this home page may offer you supplementary informations. I hope, however, that you may find something unique.

Supplementary items
Unusual Picture Gallery
Useful great links for relevant information sites
Calender of Jewish Holidays until Y2000

Japanese Section:

Here are several articles introducing the Messianic Jew Movement in Japanese language. Your computer needs to be compatible with Shift-JIS code to read this. 

Hebrew Language Section:

This language portion may be desirable to exist. At this juncture, I have no plan to develop this because of absolute insufficiency of time. If anyone could help to make this up, please send me an E-mail

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