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Welcome to my Bronco and jeep site. send me your 4x4's and i will put them up. And don't forget to sign the Guestbook.
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Now you can visit my brand new Jeep page. Pretty soon I will have pictures and maybe a video about my '86 CJ7. If you have a Jeep or any other 4x4 send me a picture and tell my what you have done with it, and I will put it on my Readers Rigs page.

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Well i got my Jeep and it turned out to be an 86 CJ7. The second i saw it i had some major plans for it. I am gonna put on a 4" lift and keep the 32" tires it came with, and then get some tube bumbers (black). My scanner broke so i have all of these pictures sitting in my room and can't do anything with them, but they will soon be up. For now visit my Jeep page



  • Jeep Wrangler:
  • 3" body lift
  • 2.5" Shakle Lift
  • 33" Summit Wide Climbers
  • Chrome Craiger rims
  • 5 KC Day Lights
  • Chrome Light Bar
  • Pioneer Tape Deck With 6 Disk Changer
  • Sound Wedges (6x9)
  • Half Doors
  • Soft and Hard Top
  • Uniden 40 Channel CB
  • Jeep CJ7:
  • Shakle Lift
  • 32" All Terrain Tires
  • Chrome Rims
  • Two Rockford Punch Subs In A Custom Box
  • AG 350 Amp
  • Clairon Deck With 6 Disk Changer
  • Equlizer
  • Soft Top, Hard Top, And A Bikini Top
  • Steering Stabilizer
  • Holley 4 Barrel w/ Offenhauser Manifold

Y'all come back now.

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