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Hello, I am glad that you are visiting my page today. Giuseppe was my nickname at home during my boyhood. Please sit back, sip a glass of your favorite drink, and look at what I've done thus far! Don't forget to check out my Photo Gallery below; you will see beautiful pictures of Utah.

I enjoy browsing through web sites on weekends, and keeping in touch with friends in Italy, Brasil, and the USA. I graduated with a B.S. degree in [PHYSICAL SCIENCES] and a minor in English from Brigham Young University. Subsequently I earned my Master of Science degree at the University of Utah [thesis:URANIUM-geochemistry]. I was still eager enough to go for an MBA degree in Management Science at University of California, UCR. Upon completion of these degrees I had become a "professional student". Afterwards I settled down in a job in the majestic, mountainous state of Utah--a region of the USA pictured in cowboy movies. Information about SKIING in Utah, click here --> Ski Utah"

Recently I moved to the nice, greenish state of Virginia, and before that I lived in MARYLAND. Some MD Highlights: Maryland State House, the 18th-century William Paca House and Garden, the U.S. Naval Academy, and the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum. Eastern Shore Highlights: Waterfront towns and attractions, a giant wildlife refuge and the unspoiled Atlantic beaches of Assateague beckon visitors to the area. Western Maryland offers all sorts of diversions a major Civil War battlefield, a scenic railroad that chugs through the mountains, a carriage museum, a beautiful park set amid one of the world's oldest mountain ranges. In the capital Washington DC Metro Region you'll find the famous Georgetown, the thriving community of Bethesda, fascinating attractions and thousands of acres of scenic parkland. And in Southern Maryland you can visit the colony's recreated l7th-century capital, see a superb maritime museum and collect fossils dating back 15 million years.

I enjoy practicing sports that make me sweat (basketball, soccer, Kung Fu, skiing, jogging), listening to soft music, and a fun game of chess with a worthy opponent. I don't drink and don't smoke. My first hobby is studying and practicing languages: mainly Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. My second hobby is playing classic guitar. Sometimes on weekends I work on my GENEALOGY roots. This is an endless work with names of dead people, but it links me to a large family of lovable Italians in Europe, and eventually to Adam and Eve. My overseas TRAVEL often includes my family's Italy and the tropical Brasil (travel there virtually, see below). You can read a daily Italian newspaper here ITA-NEWS . If you are planning a trip to Italy, click here Hostels.

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