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Amnesty International Kent State University

Chinese Soldiers beating pedestrians Protest against the Tiananmen massacre Refugee (image)


Weekly News Update

Police torture peaceful protestors in California
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Go to www.peppersprayvictims.org for complete information, including Amnesty International's reactions.
If you have Real Audio you may also listen to an interview with a victim on Democracy NOW!


What is Amnesty International?

Amnesty International is an international human rights organization of over 1,100,000 members working to free prisonersAmnesty International Home of conscience.  Prisoners of conscience are those imprisoned for their ethnic origin, race, sex, religion, or beliefs, provided they have neither used nor advocated violence.  Amnesty International is non profit and non partisan.  Amnesty International at Kent State University is a student chapter of this important organization.  To learn more about Amnesty overall, click About AI.  If you still have questions, go to the question and answer forum. We'll answer your question as soon as possible.


Does Amnesty International Get Results?

Several prisoners a month are released, given a trial, allowed to see their families, or are spared further torture. Execution in China (Image) It is estimated a full third of the prisoners Amnesty International fights for receive some improvement in their condition. That could mean the improvements given above, or just a meal or a blanket. Sometimes, just a crumpled note tossed in a cell saying, "We know you are alive" can give a person the will to live. You make the difference by helping millions of caring people around the world uphold basic human ideals of decent behavior.  Join Amnesty International nationally (1-800-Amnesty) or here at Kent State.  If you are near Kent, why not contact Amnesty International at Kent State University.


Tiananmen Square Massacre

In 1989 a brutal crack-down by Chinese authorities left scores of dead and wounded in and around Tiananmen square.  One man stops an armored column near Tiananmen (image)Their crime was a peaceful protest against government corruption.  Following the execution and brutalization of hundreds of students, the government then began a witch hunt around the world for the organizers of the protest, in order to kill or imprison them. Click for a photo collection that details the events of that year with over 250 pictures. Amnesty International will not let the world forget the tragedy of Tiananmen.  That is why Amnesty created an interactive program called "Legacy of Tiananmen" for the IBM PC.  Just download the zip file to learn more about Tiananmen and the following terror. Such flagrant abuse of innocent citizens can no longer be tolerated.


Some Other Notes

Be sure to sign our guest book before you go, you may view it first if you wish.  Also, check out our awards.  Feel free to send us your feedback.  Thank you for your interest in human rights. Another way to show your interest is to link to us and contribute your own link.



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