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Real Rodrigue, of Montreal, Canada has done extensive research on different linages of Rodrigues. It is from him that I have aquired much of my information. I have also included several links to many of his pages, because I believe they are full of information.


The Origin of the RODRIGUE Name

The RODRIGUE lineages


This biographical abstract is provided by Real Rodrigue


*13. João RODRIGUES		
     Spouse: Susana DA CRUZ
    *12a. Jean RODRIGUE 
          Birth: ca 1641, São João, Lisboa, Portugal
          Death: 14 Nov 1720, Beauport
          Burial: 15 Nov 1720, Beauport
          Or: João RODRIGUES
          Spouse: Anne ROY
                  Birth: ca 1646, St-Germain-l'Auxerrois, Paris, France
                  Death: 26 May 1715, Hôtel-Dieu, Québec
                  Father: François ROY
                  Mother: Anne BOURDOIS
          Marriage: 28 Oct 1671, Québec
          11a. Marie-Anne RODRIGUE(1673-)
          11b. Suzanne RODRIGUE(~1675-1711)
         *11c. René RODRIGUE
               Birth: 28 Jul 1678, Village St-Michel
               Baptism: 29 Jul 1678, Beauport
               Death: Mar 1715, Beauport
               Burial: 23 Mar 1715, Beauport
               Spouse: Élisabeth DAUPHIN
                       Birth: 1687
                       Death: Aug 1758, Beauport
                       Burial: 19 Aug 1758, Beauport
                       Father: René DAUPHIN
                       Mother: Suzanne GIGNARD
               Marriage: 22 Nov 1703, Beauport
               10a. René-Joseph RODRIGUE(1704-1731)
               10b. Marie RODRIGUE(1706-)
               10c. Geneviève RODRIGUE(1708-1730)
               10d. Jean RODRIGUE(1709-1710)
              *10e.1 Jean RODRIGUE 
                    Birth: 27 Aug 1711, Beauport
                    Baptism: 27 Aug 1711, Beauport
                    Spouse 1: Marie-Dorothée FOUGERE
                              Birth: 31 Jan 1707
	                             Ste-Famille, Île d'Orléans
                              Baptism: 1 Feb 1707
			               Ste-Famille, Île d'Orléans
                              Death: Nov 1758
                              Burial: 23 Nov 1758
                              Father: Pierre FOUGERE
                              Mother: Madeleine VERIEU ou VEILLEUX
                    Marriage: 7 May 1731, Beauport
                    9a. Jean-Baptiste RODRIGUE (1734-1736)
                    9b. Jean-Baptiste RODRIGUE (1736-1803)
                    9c. Marie-Madeleine RODRIGUE(1739-1807)
                    9d. François RODRIGUE(1741-)
                   *9e. Pierre RODRIGUE 
	                Birth: Nov 1743, Beauport
	                Baptism: 2 Nov 1743, Beauport
 	                Spouse: Marie-Josette JOBIN
	                        Father: Jean JOBIN
  	                        Mother: Félicité POULIN
 	                Marriage: 27 Jan 1766
              	        8a. Marie-Josèphe RODRIGUE(1769-)
              	        8b. Pierre RODRIGUE(1774-)
              	        8c. Jean-Baptiste RODRIGUE(1776-1778)
              	        8d. Marie-Charlotte RODRIGUE(1778-)
             	       *8e. Jean-Marie RODRIGUE
	                    Spouse: Marie-Louise VEILLEUX
 	                            Father: Joseph VEILLEUX
  	                            Mother: Madeleine ROY
  	                    Marriage: 3 Nov 1801, Beauceville
	   	           *7a. Léonard RODRIGUE
				Born: 21 May 1808
				      Beauceville, Beauce, Quebec
				Christened: 22 May 1808
				            Beauceville, Beauce, Quebec
				Spouse: Marie PILET dit JOLICOEUR
  	     	                        Father: André PILET dit JOLICOEUR
 	     	                        Mother: Charlotte BEGIN
  	     	                Marriage: 22 Oct 1832, Beauceville
             	   	       *6a. Séraphin RODRIGUE
				    Born: 1835,S.Francois, Beauce, Quebec
	       	                    Spouse: Adèle GOSSELIN
  	                                    Father: Germain GOSSELIN
  	                                    Mother: Marie-Josette BAILLARGEON
  	                            Marriage: 2 Aug 1859, St-Victor
                       	            5a. Polycarpe RODRIGUE
                                    5b. Marie-Olivine RODRIGUE
                                    5c. Séraphin RODRIGUE
                                    5d. Célanire RODRIGUE
                                   *5e. Pierre-Célestin RODRIGU
  		                        Spouse: Délina TOULOUSE
		                                Father: Georges TOULOUSE
    		                                Mother: Amazélie PEPIN
		                        Marriage: 25 Oct 1895
                          	        4a. Marie-Alma RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: Wilfrid CLOUTIER
					    Marriage: 21 Jun 1915
                          	        4b. Joseph-Guillaume RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: Monique PELCHAT
						    Father: Albert PELCHAT
						    Mother: Alma GENDREAU
						Marriage: 14 Jul 1954
					 		  Gould, Lingwick (Compton)
						2a. Julie ROGRIGUE
						    Spouse: Pierre-Paul BOULANGER
							    Father: Gérard BOULANGER
							    Mother: Berthe BOUFFARD
						    Marriage: 7 Feb 1981
							      Lingwick (Compton)
        				    3c. Jacqueline RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Gérard DOYON
							Father: Valère DOYON
							Mother: Lucie BOLDUC
						Marriage: 27 Oct 1954
        				    3d. Roger RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Jacqueline PEPIN
							Father: Hormisdas PEPIN
							Mother: Marie POULIN
						Marriage: 5 Sep 1949
							  Ste-Agnès, Lac-Mégantic 
        					2a. France RODRIGUE
        					2b. Guyanne RODRIGUE
        				    3e. Rock RODRIGUE
        				    3f. Jean-Guy RODRIGUE
                          	        4c. Siméon RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: Marie-Louise POMERLEAU
					    Marriage: 3 Jul 1922, St-Benoît-Labre
					    3a. André RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Francoise MATHIEU
         				    3b. Anna RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Sylvio TESSIER
        				    3c. Carmelle RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Ernest BEDARD
        				    3d. Lise RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Robert ROY
      					    3e. Lucienne RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Sylvia MEURY
       					    3f. Lucille RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Louis BELLEFLEUR
       					    3g. Madeleine RODRIGUE
						Spouse 1: Zephirin JOLICOEUR
						Spouse 2: Fabien BEDARD
       					    3h. Marielle RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Gilles MARCHAND
       					    3i. Fernand RODRIGUE (ca1941-1978)		
                          	        4d. Anna-M. RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: Delphis POMERLEAU
					    Marriage: 30 Jun 1925
                          	        4e. Cyriaque RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: Cécile POMERLEAU
					    Marriage: 6 Oct 1930
                          	        4f. Irène RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: Roméo CAMERON
				 	    Marriage: 21 Aug 1935
                          	        4g. Norbert RODRIGUE
					    Marriage: 28 Jun 1939
					    3a. Wilfrid RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Diane BEAUDOIN
						Marriage: 1 Jul 1967
							  St-Marc, Coaticook
         				    3b. André RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Suzanne GARON
						Marriage: 22 Apr 1967, Barston 
         				    3c. Rénald (Raynald) RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Huguette VAILLANCOURT
						Marriage: 20 Oct 1962, Barnston
						2a. Claire RODRIGUE
						2b. Nathalie RODRIGUE
         				    3d. Nicole RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Denis PEPIN
						Marriage: 15 Oct 1966, Barnston
       					    3e. Ghislaine  RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Andre VEILLETTE
						Marriage: 7 Spet 1963, Barnston
       				            3f. Mario RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Rachel DAIGLE
						Marriage: 19 Jul 1980
							  St-Edmond, Coaticook
        				    3g. Luc RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Helene INKEL
         				    3h. Gérard RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Michelle MASSON
        				    3i. Michel RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Gisele McCUTCHEON
       				            3j. Françoise RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Paul BOYER
       				            3k. Diane RODRIGUE
						Spouse 1: Charles COURNOYER
						Spouse 2: Bruno BARON
        			            3l. Jeannine RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Serge INKEL
        			            3m. Paul RODRIGUE
						Spouse: Therese McCUTCHEON
					4h. Yvonne RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: Marius BERNARD
				       *4i. Marie-Isabelle RODRIGUE
					    Spouse: William George GRAHAM
					    Marriage: 1934, Bronx, NY, NY
                                    5f. Napoléon RODRIGUE
                                    5g. Marie-Dasilda RODRIGUE
                                    5h. Jacob RODRIGUE
                    	        6b. Euphémie RODRIGUE
                    	        6c. Joseph RODRIGUE
                    	        6d. Jean (Johnny) RODRIGUE
                    	        6e. Hermine RODRIGUE
                    	        6f. Augustin RODRIGUE
                    	        6g. Marie-Philomène RODRIGUE
                    	        6h. Alexandre RODRIGUE
                    	        6i. Sophie RODRIGUE
                    	        6j. Bernard RODRIGUE
                 	    7b. Sophie RODRIGUE
                 	    7c. Séraphin RODRIGUE
	         	    7d. Henriette RODRIGUE
                 	    7e. Marie RODRIGUE
                 	    7f. David RODRIGUE
                 	    7g. Louise RODRIGUE
                 	    7h. Joseph RODRIGUE
                 	    7i. Jean RODRIGUE
              	        8f. Marie-Anne RODRIGUE
              	        8g. Catherine RODRIGUE
              	        8h. Marguerite RODRIGUE
              	        8i. Joseph RODRIGUE
             	        8j. Édouard RODRIGUE
           	    9f. Marie-Angélique RODRIGUE(1745-1755)
           	    9g. Marie-Louise RODRIGUE(1732-1801)
           	    9h. Angélique RODRIGUE
           	    9i. Charles RODRIGUE(1751-1831)
           	    9j. Marie-Isabelle RODRIGUE(1751-)
     	       10e.2 Jean RODRIGUE* (See above 3e.1)
        	    Spouse 2: Marie BOULE
        	              Birth: 1736, Lévis
        	              Father: Pierre BOULAY ou BOULET
        	              Mother: Catherine ALBERT
        	    Marriage: 12 Nov 1759, St-Joseph-de-Beauce
       		    9k. Marie-Josèphe RODRIGUE(1763-)
       		    9l. Jean-Marie RODRIGUE(1767-1823)
       		    9m. Joseph RODRIGUE(1761-1814)
               10f. Louis RODRIGUE(1714-1780)
          11d. Vincent RODRIGUE (1681-1726)
          11e. Jacques RODRIGUE(1685-1752)



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