Calvery Cemetery

These are my family members that are buried 
in Calvery Cemetery in Woodside, NY.

Section 15, Range 28, Plot W, Grave 8

Eugene WALSH        b. 1899(NY)      d. Sept 1901  age 2yrs.
Loretta GRAHAM      b. Apr 1890(USA) d. July 1890  age 3mo.  
Emma GRAHAM         b. 1865(Ireland) d. March 1916 age 51yrs 
William GRAHAM      b. 1856(Ireland) d. Sept 1916  age 60yrs 
Edwin SCHNEIDER     b. Apr 1919(NY)  d. Jan 1920   age 9 mo.
Elizabeth SCHNEIDER b. 1884(USA)     d. Aug 1923   age 39yrs 
William GRAHAM      b. 1902(USA)     d. May 1966   age 64 yrs 


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