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Hi, my name is Brigitte and I live in beautiful Maine. My interests are photograpy, pets, crafts, traveling and gardening.

Although the ice storm of '98 was truly devastating, the first few sunny days afterwards gave me an opportunity to take some incredible pictures.
for more pictures"go_to_my_scenic_page"

One of my housemates is a greyhound
for more about life with these truly exotic dogs

I also live with two Boxers
"come and meet Babe and Trixie"
and then , there's Wendy, a tiny pom with a big heart and an unquenchable spark "read Wendy's story"

I have always lived with cats. To meet some of my feline friends"go to my cat page"

Just added!! have just begun a recipe page, not much on it yet but for anyone interested "go to my recipe page"

Hot off the presses!!!! Since my scenic page was getting overcrowded and confusing I decided to subdivide it into different areas."here's my Puerto Rico page"
BRAND NEW!!!!!! "this is my MAINE page" another furkid..."check out madeline's page"
and one more furkid addition.."Butch the Boston"

This All Creatures Great And Small site owned by brigitte.
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