Descendants of Bendicht Etter

Generation No. 1

1.  BENDICHT1 ETTER was born 1554.  He married ELSY MATHYS.

Locality Fische-TN LDS
Tn, Morgan, Wartburg-Genealogy
Reformed Swiss Church-Wartburg, TN
Familey Record Book, 1764-1904
Includes a large section on the Etter Family
film-0978871 item 2
2.      i.      PETER2 ETTER, b. 1589.

Generation No. 2

2.  PETER2 ETTER (BENDICHT1) was born 1589.  He married ELSI WOLF.
Child of PETER ETTER and ELSI WOLF is:
3.      i.      PETER3 ETTER, b. 1628.

Generation No. 3

3.  PETER3 ETTER (PETER2, BENDICHT1) was born 1628.  He married ELSBETH 
4.      i.      HEINRICH4 ETTER, b. 1653; d. 1695.

Generation No. 4

4.  HEINRICH4 ETTER (PETER3, PETER2, BENDICHT1) was born 1653, and died 
1695.  He married ELSBETH STEINMAN.
5.      i.      JOHANNES5 ETTER, b. 1685, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Generation No. 5

in Fribourg, Switzerland.  He married ANNA SIEGRIST.
6.      i.      GERHARD6 ETTER, b. January 27, 1716/17, Bern, Switzerland; 
            d. April 26, 1783, Lancaster Co. PA.

Generation No. 6

born January 27, 1716/17 in Bern, Switzerland, and died April 26, 1783 in 
Lancaster Co. PA.  He married CATHERINA BANGA, daughter of JACOB BANGA and

LDS film #1320897 item 16--M.R. Etter (b.1462) probably in Ferenbalm, near
 Bern, Switzerland.  Son, Hans was born about 1494.  He had 5 children.  
Descendents immigrated to America in 1735 and settled in Mt. Joy, Lancaster
 County, PA.  "The information re Etter family in Switzerland is found in 
"The Reichen Report-Familien-Register der Etter von Forenbalm-Kerzers and 
Murten" (parishes near Bern, Swit.) Published by the American Etter 
Society, Inc. 1965

LDS film #0383292--vol. 24--Abstracts of Lancaster County Wills
--1721-1820--p.246--Etter, Gerhard (D) February 17th 1783 (P) 
may 12th 1783-Exec. Catherine and Samual Etter.  Lebanon (twp) w-Catherine 
Etter--children-Peter, Daniel, John, Samual, Elizabeth wife of George Riff 
and Anne wife of Adam Kettering.

German Settlers of PA by Edward W. Hocker--974.802 H--Pennsylvanische 
Geschichts Schreiber (Published in Germantown, PA, now part of Philadelphia
 by Christopher Saur/Saur-Sower)--p. 41--June 16 1754--Sower's Newspaper 
(above) Georg Etter, wheelwright, in the White Oak Land, Rapho Twp., 
Lancaster County, seeks his son Christain, who was indentured in 
Philadelphia several years ago to Wilhelm Mueller, in the Jerseys.
--p. 92--July 31, 1761--Sower's Newspaper--Johann Wilhelm Hoffman at the 
corner opposite Daniel etter, Race Street, Philadelphia, has established 
a sugar house, in association with Joh Corman.--p. 99--April 9, 1762--
Sower's Newspaper--Peter Gerhard, at the Branch (of Penkiomen Creek), 
Franconia Twp.  (Montgomery County)
        i.      PETTER7 ETTER.

LDS fische #6101259--Wythe county Virginia will Books 1-2--1790-1822
Will book 2 p.8
Will of Peter Etter
13 May 1811
Wife Elizabeth
Sons:  John, Henry, Peter
Daus: Elisabeth, Caterina, Margaretter, Barbara and Mary
Executer:  John Etter, John Stanger
Witnesses:  John Etter, John Stanger
John P. Matthews, DC

        ii.     JOHN ETTER.
        iii.    SAMUEL ETTER.
        iv.     ELIZABETH ETTER.
        v.      ANNE ETTER.
7.      vi.     DAN ETTER, b. April 27, 1750, Lancaster Co. PA; d. September 
            05, 1803, Wythe Co. VA.

Generation No. 7

was born April 27, 1750 in Lancaster Co. PA, and died September 05, 1803 
in Wythe Co. VA.  He married MARY MAGDALEN REIN April 25, 1781 in Holy 
Trinity Church, Lancaster County, PA.

Notes for DAN ETTER:
LDS fische #6103921

Wythe County, Virginia---A Bicentennial History p.43---Daniel Etter, who 
later gave the land for the St. John's Lutheran Church, appeared before 
the court for "harboring persons of ill fame and Enemies of this State."  
He was required to post bond.(St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1776-1976 
[Radford, VA:  Commonwealth Press, Inc., 1976] pp.10-12)

p. 210---Among the early ministers who were authorized to perform 
marriages before 1790 were-----Just how many of these men actually 
came to what is now Wythe County is unknown, but Shroeder was associated 
with Kimberling and St. Paul Lutheran Churches and Wuizbeck appears to 
have been associated with---(names of men), and Daniel Etter---all of 
whom were residents of what is now Wythe county.---

p.217--The 4th German congregation to be organized in Wythe County was 
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, which met north of the county 
seat, probably as early as 1798.  At what date, the Rev. Bernhard Willy, 
serving the Reformed congregations, and probably primarily St. Paul, drew 
up an agreement dated 30 May 1798, in which St. Paul, Kimberling, St. 
Mark's in present Smyth county, and St. John's near Wytheville agreed 
to follow the eleven points set forth in the document in regard to 
election of elders and deacons, baptism, communion, confirmation, 
cemetery regulations, and pastor's responsibilities.  The churches were 
identified at this time as "the congregation near town" the "old" church, 
the "new" church, and the church on the Holston.  Those officials who 
signed the agreement were Jacob Brunner, John Peter Jantz (yonce), 
Casper Rather(Rader), George Armbrister, Jacob Kinzer, George Wambler
(Wampler), Henry Hoppes, George Wambler, Jr., Adam Dottinger(Dutton), 
George Weber(Weaver), John Schnebely(Snavely), and Philip Aker. (St. 
Paul Lutheran church, 1776-1976 [Radford, Va:  Commonwealth Press, Inc., 
1976] pp.10-12)

The St. Johns congregation first met on Daniel Etter's land.  In 1800, 
Etter and his wife Mary conveyed one acre to Casper Rader and George 
Armbrister, elders of the German Lutheran Congregation, the "members 
of which live near Wythe Court House," and to "Peter Yantz(yonce) and 
Jacob Prooner, elders of the German reformed congregation, the members 
of which also reside in the same area," both congregations "having had 
a place of worship hitherto on said Etter's land.  The two congregations 
were to have the use of a nearby spring. (Wythe county Deed Book 3 
p.54--the deed is dated Oct. 11, 1800)

A list of subscribers for the building of the church was dated the same 
year.  Sixty local residents gave a total of $201.50 [allowing for 
conversion of shillings and pence into dollars at the rate of nine 
shillings=$1.50].  The families included on the list were Armbrister, 
Brown, Brunner(pruner), Pinkley, Cassell, Clemens, Davies, Etter, Felty, 
Kegley, Harkrader, Hutzel, Lenhart(Leonard), Losser, Mayers, Messersmith,
 Murphy, Mosser, Poff, Rader, Repass, Riegel, Schaffer, Sharitz, Suftly, 
Syfer, Umberger, Foglesong, Wyrick, Wiseley, Wetzel, Wohlford, and 
Zimmerman(Simmerman).  The present church was built in 1854 and has 
been recognized by the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission.  
(Kegley and Kegley, St. John's pp.10,1-3; most of the family names 
are still in the Wythe county area, even though spelled differently 
in the records:  a copy of the original church records can be found 
at the VA State Library and Archives, or the original can be seen 
at the Wytheville community College Library, Wytheville; undated 
newspaper clipping reports that the church and cemetery are on the 
Virginia Landmark Register.)

LDS Fische #6101259
Wythe county Will books 1-2  1790-1822/Will book 1 p.287/Appraisal of 
the estate of Daniel Etter/13 June 1804/ by Andrew Brown, Henry Been, 
Joseph Barrow/signed by John Roder, John Etter/Recieved:June court 
1804/Fleming Trigg, dcwc.

p.329/ Settlement of the estate of Daniel Eller(?) (is this Daniel Etter?)
 Mary Eller, widow receives her survey of land Aug. 5, 1805 by John 
Montgomery, Robert Adams, and robert Crockett.  Recorded: Sept. 
1805/John P. Matthews, dcwc

LDS Fische #6103898
Wythe county VA/Tax List 1773-1800/Etter, Daniel/1773-2males over 

Annals of SW VA 1769-1800 by Lewis Preston Summers Volume 1 page vii--
In 1769 Augusta county was divided and all the territory south of Mary's 
River and to the west as far as Virginia extended was included in the 
new county of Botetourt.  The county seat was Fincastle.  At this time 
but few people had settled west of New river, but many settlements had
 been made east of New River.  the early settlers of this portion of
 Virginia were Scotch, Irish, dutch, German and Swiss, with an 
appreciable sprinkling of english people, coming from east and 
south of the Blue ridge.  Between 1769 and the beginning of the 
revolution great progress was made in the settlement and development
 of SW VA, and the opening guns of the Revolution found this section of 
CA in the possession of a people that might properly be termed the
 bravest, the heartiest of the races, the most fearless and determined
 patriots and advocates of liberty to be found in America.  The first 
settlers were, as a general rule, composed of people seeking a refuge
 from political liberty, and they were ready and willing at all times
 to stake their lives and fortunes to attain these objects.---includes
 all of that section of VA west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and south
 of the forks of the James river, and west to the Cumberland Gap,--this 
constitutes but one and the same country, and one and the same people.

P.711---At a court convened and held for Montgomery County May 5, 1779.
 Ordered that every person who have been prosecuted in the name of the 
commonwealth at this court do pay all officers fees and other charges 
accruing thereon except Moses Wells and Daniel Aller who are not to pay 
any fee or other charge they being acquitted.
P.723---At a court held for Montgomery county-Sept. 7, 1779--On the 
complaint of Robert McFareland against Daniel Etter for certain offences
 committed against government of this state the prisoner being heard in
 his defense the court were of opinion that the said Etter be tried by
 a jury according to the act of Assembly declaring what shall be certain

A SEED-BED OF THE REPUBLIC-Botetourt County, Virginia-p.9-The first 
white settlers and what they found---p.10-In Montgomery, Pulaski, and 
Wythe Counties is located the New River Valley-p.11-When civilization 
finally came, it advanced chiefly from PA and Maryland up the valley 
from its Northern end rather than through the eastern elevated gaps--
animal life of the area 1669-1670--red and fallow dear, bears, small 
leopards, beaver and otter, grey foxes and wolves.  Wolves were 
numerous--100 years later they were still a problem as bounty was 
paid for their scalps--p.16-in 1742 there were perhaps no more than 
50 settled families south of the James River and west of the Blue 
Ridge, and no more than half that number along the James on the north 

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, VIRGINIA--circa 1790--by Nettie Schreiner-Yantis--
Explanation--Prior to 1786 the procedure used in VA to collect taxes 
consisted of the collector setting up an office and the residents of 
his district "delivering or causing to be delivered ", to him a list 
of their taxable property.  This method proved unsatisfactory because 
the second party could not be held responsible for the inaccuracy of 
another's list.  In 1786 the VA assembly passed an act providing for 
a tax commissioner who would go from house to house collecting the 
lists and requiring each taxpayer to swear under oath as to the 
accuracy of his or her list.  For these services he was to receive 
six shillings per day.  He was instructed to record the date he 
received his list from each individual. It established which taxpayers 
were neighbors.  If no date is recorded next to the taxpayer these 
persons were evidently not at home when the commissioner called. 
They paid their taxes at the courthouse.--TAX LIST A--1789--30 Sept 
1789--Atter, Peter---white male over 21 charged with the tax-5 
horses---Locating residences of taxpayers--list A--p.84-30 Sep 1789
--(middle fork holston, bear creek, nick's creek, hungers mother, 
ratcliff's marsh, headwaters of redd creek, on dividing ridge between 
reed and holston) Adkins, Peter Atter, August, Blakely, Boyd, Brantz, 
Brittain, Calhoun, Chinea, Crow, Dooley, Johnson, Legate, McMullin, 
Mingle, Shannon, Snido, Spreaker, Stailey, Wilson--p.19--personal 
property tax list "b"--1789--31 Mar--John Etter--white male over 21 
years charged with tax-4 horses--1 Apr-Daniel Etter--white male over 
21 charged with tax-4 horses--p.63--Survey book D--(503)John Godfrey 
Younck--149 acres on Reed Creek adjacent to Adam Knape, Nicholas 
Cline, John Etter, and Henry Umberger, 18 Mar 1787--p.64--Survey book 
D--(529)Peter Etter by (right of Settlement)--266 acres on Reed Creek 
adjacent to Ratcliff's Marsh, Boyd's 23 Apr 1790--p.92--Locating 
Residences of Taxpayers--List B--31 Mar 1789--(Both sides Reed Creek, 
Cedar Run) Armbrester, Cook, Corbin, Cypers, Davis, John Etter, 
Findley, Helms, Helvey, Houndshell, Hutsell, Kettering, Kiesler, 
Lidia, Linderwood, Louman, McNutt, Miller, Neuman, Phipps, Phry, 
Shreder, Simmerman, Sluss, Spangler, Thompson, Tonkry, Wisely--1 
Apr 1789--(both sides Reed Creek, middle to western end)  Cloyn, 
Cregar, Daniel Etter, fortney, Fullen, Gullian, Kitts, Moirs, Nipp, 
Plesley, Pruner, Reyboss, Soomer, Umbarger, Wyrick, Young

German Settlers of PA by Edward W. Hocker  974.802 H
(Pennsulvanische Geschichts-Schreiber published in Germantown, PA, 
now part of Philadelphia by Christopher Sauer (Saur-Sower)

p. 112--Rein, Christoph---February 11, 1772
Staatsbote, Philadelphia----(Wochentlicher Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote
--published in Philadelphia by Henrich Miller
Christopher Rein, Maxatawny (Berks Co.)

p. 64 Sower's Newspaper
August 20 1757
Michael Rein, Earl Township, on Mill Creek, Lancaster County
Children of DAN ETTER and MARY REIN are:
8.      i.      MARY8 ETTER, b. 1776; d. March 06, 1848, Greene Co. TN.
        ii.     CATHERINE ETTER, b. 1781, Palmyra, PA; m. (1) HENRY RADER; 
            m. (2) HENRY RADER, December 14, 1790.

Notes for HENRY RADER:
LDS film #34254
Wythe County Marriage Register 1790-1905
14 Dec 1790
Henry Reather and Catharine Eatter
of this county by virtue of license
Signed:  J. Findley, John Stranger

        iii.    HENRY ETTER, b. August 25, 1783, Wythe Co. VA; d. January 
            21, 1856, Carlinville, IL; m. (1) ELIZABETH PARKS, June 08, 
            1807, Jefferson county TN; m. (2) ELIZABETH GRISWOLD, August
            10, 1835.
        iv.     PETER ETTER, b. 1784; m. CATHERINE BLEAKER, June 14, 1802.

Notes for PETER ETTER:
This Peter Etter is believed to be the Peter Etter who was murdered in 
Greene County, Illinois 1 December 1832.

        v.      ELIZABETH ETTER, b. August 16, 1785; m. PETER CATRON/
                KETTERING, July 04, 1809.

The line of Elizabeth (Etter) Kettering can be found in a book on "The 
Kettering Family" 1537 pages, 9x11 compiled by Henry H. Catron, 1619 
North 19th Street, Springfield, Illinois  62702

        vi.     MARGARET REBECCA ETTER, b. February 28, 1787; d. September 
            08, 1837; m. JOHN BAUMGARDNER.

She was supposed to have had 15 children.---Margaret Rebecca Etter 
Baumgardner can be found in "A Baumgardner Family in America" by J.T. 
Baumgardner, San Felipe Press, Austin, TX 1970

        vii.    JOHN ETTER, b. 1788; m. PHOEBE MICHAELS.
        viii.   SAMUEL ETTER, b. 1789.
        ix.     DANIEL ETTER, b. September 28, 1791; d. February 09, 1871, 
            Morgan county, Indiana; m. (1) MARY MAGDALEN LINDAMOOD, 
            May 21, 1812, Wythe Co. VA; m. (2) ELIZABETH DUKE GILL, 
            September 10, 1837, Morgan county, Indiana.
        x.      CHRISTENA ETTER, b. 1793; m. MICHAEL BROWN, JR., 1813.
        xi.     RACHEL ETTER, b. 1795; m. HENRY KINSER, February 15, 1816, 
            Greene County TN.
        xii.    WILLIAM HENRY ETTER, b. May 06, 1800; d. October 10, 1879, 
            Nilwood, Illinois; m. (1) SALLY HAYNES, September 25, 1823, 
            Franklin County, Indiana; m. (2) NANY HAYNES, April 26, 
            1836, Morgan county, Indiana.

Generation No. 8

BENDICHT1) was born 1776, and died March 06, 1848 in Greene Co. TN.  She 
married JOHN RADER December 17, 1793 in Wythe County VA, son of CASPER 

Notes for JOHN RADER:
Greene County TN Wills
Mary Rader  6 March 1848  $100
To daughter, Elizabeth Rader, bed furniture etc. and 1 set red flower 
earthen plates.  To daughter, Lucinda Colyer, my blue nercer cloak.  
to daughters, Catherine Altom, Esebella Guthrie, Emaline Jenkins, balance 
of my wearing clothes.
Executer:  Son-in-law, William Rader
Will dated 2 April 1847
Witnesses: Lemuel Crosby, Jesse Rader Sr.
Signed: Mary x Rader

The Greene county Pioneer--vol. 2--no. 4--1986--p.40--Some Descendents 
of Casper Rader by Ralph W. Cansler--John Rader, b.1770-80, d. aug. 1840, 
Greene County, TN  married 17 Dec 1793, Wythe County VA, Mary Etter b. 
1770-80 d. 6 Mar 1848
On 22 Sep 1801 John purchased 200 acres of land in Greene County, TN and 
listed his home as Wythe county, VA.  Mary was probably the dau of Dan 

Annals of Southwest VA--1769-1800 by Lewis Preston Summers--Vol. 1 
929.3755  S-=-page 1362--Wythe county--John Reader granted license 
to keep an ordinary in the twon of Eversham.

LDS film #34254
Wythe county Marriage Register--1790-1905
1793--On the 17th day of Dec Joined together John Reader and Mary Etter 
by virtue of a license by: J. finley Esqr.
Children of MARY ETTER and JOHN RADER are:
        i.      JOHN9 RADER.
        ii.     ELIZABETH RADER.
        iii.    SARAH RADER.
        iv.     SOPHIA RADER.
        v.      WILLIAM RADER.
        vi.     MARY RADER.
        vii.    SAMUEL RADER.
        viii.   LUCINDA RADER.
        ix.     EMALINE RADER.
        x.      CATHERINE RADER, b. 1797, Wythe County VA.
        xi.     ISABELLA RADER, b. 1813, Greene County TN; d. 1884, Greene 
                County TN; m. ANDREW GUTHRIE, September 11, 1832, Greene 
                County TN.

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