Welcome to my Star Trek page. If you are a fellow "Trekker" and are interested in sending a pic or 2 to have posted here, just E-mail them to me. If I like them, I will put them up. Just make sure to put your name in if you want credit for the u/l.

If you want to debate something or just share info, E-mail me here now!

Our Beloved Founder

The Great Bird of the Galaxy

Gene Roddenberry

His existance in this plane of reality is sorely missed. May his memory continue to live on in all of us until we meet him again on the other side of the Nexxus.

Star Trek TOS Theme Lyrics

Did you know there are lyrics to the end theme music of Star Trek TOS (the extended music which is the same as just after "Space: the final frontier..." in the opening theme)? Well, there is, and after searching for almost 3 YEARS since originally seeing them in print (but not buying the book they were in), I finally found them again! So here they are:
    The rim of star-light
    My love
    Is wand'ring in star-flight
    I know
    He'll find in star-clustered reaches
    Stange love a star woman teaches.
    I know
    His journey ends never
    His star trek
    Will go on forever.
    But tell him
    While he wanders his starry sea
    Remember, remember me.

    "Theme From Star Trek" - Lyrics by Gene Roddenberry
    Source: "The Making Of Star Trek," Ballentine Books, 1975

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