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The Beatles are the most popular and accomplished musicians of this century. These self-taught musicians from Liverpool, created music that continues to evolve in its form and depth - and at the same time reflects the changing and dynamic world in which they lived. 

From their beginnings as a "Skiffle" and dance band to their mile stones of music created together in Abbey Road Studios, The Fab Four are part of the music history of the world. 

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I Want To Hold your Hand 

Twist and Shout 

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Eight Days A Week 

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 

Nowhere Man 

Let It Be 

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By 1968, The Beatles started showing their own individuality. No longer were they "Mop Tops" or wearing matching suits. 

McCartney and Lennon, by this time, had already begun working on individual projects. Ringo Starr had made a movie and was trying to launch a career in film. George Harrison, having the usual two cuts per album, had written many songs, which he wanted published.  

By 1969 the tension was very intense for the Beatles to work. Their lives were leading into separate directions. They couldn't live as four, they each needed their own individualism. They all wanted and threatened to quit. John started to bring his new companion, Yoko Ono, into the studio, this added to the tension. Their finances with the Apple corporation were in shambles 

Although the tensions and their pursuit of individual needs, the Beatles recorded two more albums. 

  • Abbey Road Their plans were to get back to they way The Beatles like to record. The End result was one side was to please Paul and the other for John. Although its awards and praise there was no collaboration between all four Beatles.  
  • Let it Be This was their "Swansong", it took many months to record. There was no direction, they just played. They had recorded so much with no apparent direction the project was given up. Their newest manager, at the time, Allen Kline, had hired Phill Spector to put it together. The Album was released after the Beatles broke up. 

1970: The Beatles Break Up! 

After countless threats of quitting the Beatles by Ringo, George, and John, Paul McCartney recorded and released an album titled "McCartney". The others were appalled. This made it official. The Beatles were no more. 

The fans were heartbroken with the news. Many people, musicians, journalist, musicologist tried to analyze the break-up.  

The Beatles made an impact on society and culture. The Beatles were of their time. The timing was right. They made their mark in history.  

The music is widely played today, enjoyed by old fans as well as new fans.






Written by David Morgan, May 23,1998 

I was inspired to write this page while I was taking a class in microcomputers. I was doing a presentation in Powerpoint(A software by microsoft). During this time Linda McCartney had died. I then decided the topic on the Beatles. I did a great presentation with animation, music and graphics. Needless to say I got an "A". I used some of that Powerpoint presentation into this web site. Soon I will have to implement the rest of it onto here.  

This site is in Memory of Linda McCartney. 

Dedicated to Peter, Geri, and Ginette

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The Beatles

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