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Hello All! Come on in and have a good visit. I can't believe how much this site is visited, and want to thank everyone for coming by, either for the Henry VIII pages, or for all the other stuff that is here.

I find that life is pretty eclectic--we never know just what might be waiting for us up ahead. A life can change in a second!

Since there isn't much we can do to change this, we might as well celebrate it! I hope this page does just that.

The pages that follow this one are about a variety of different things:

Karama and Perfect Gentle Knight are two novels I am currently completing, and I have included excerpts from them.

Henry VIII? Am I kidding? Wasn't he that tremendously fat insane king who was married twelve times, chopped all his wives heads off, and then died of syphilis? No, he wasn't--look at my Henry page to find out more about one of my favorite historical figures! The Henry VIII pages have been added to, and there is now a page for each of Henry's six wives! Click on my Henry link below to learn more.

Tom Barker is a World War II veteran of the British army. He saw action in North Africa and Crete, and spent four years in a series of German stalags before the war ended in 1945. His page contains his personal memoirs, photographs, paintings and more.

What is Size Acceptance? Well, it's an idea about body image and dieting that is gaining ground these days. Why wait to achieve a "perfect body" before you begin to love yourself and love life? And just what IS a perfect body anyway? With so many suffering from prejudice and eating disorders, Size Acceptance is an idea that is long overdue.

I do quite a bit of sketching, and have posted some of my work here. I'm going to be offering some of these drawings on notecards and stationery soon.

Mystery king?
A hero's tribute.
Like it says!

And here's the link to my personal bio page:

Have you ever wanted to do something about world hunger, but felt helpless? After all, it's a massive problem on a global scale, and many of us have limited means to give. What if I told you that there is a place on the Internet where you can donate up to two cups of staple food (wheat, rice, corn) to a hungry person, at no cost to you? Click here to find out more.

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