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About dragonmerc/Hawkman/Omega/Cyrax

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Go here if you'd like to join the email pen pal group World Wide Friends (WWF)

World Wide Friends

Skrain Bodak's Live Journal

(my feed from my Livejournal apparently didn't/doesn't like it when I changed this page offline with Netscape Composer to make my first picture link so I'm going to try making a separate page for it here

I am on ICQ as Omega and my number is 43625442...below is a pager if you don't have ICQ or aren't on or something....

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I just found a javascript slot machine, and some other neat stuff...aren't they cool!?!?!?!? They are in the games section of this site....the games page

I like to chat and my favorite Telnet talker is... The Twilight Zone

Also, the webpage is here:The Twilight Zone Web

Also Illville Illville

I am known as Cyrax on here.

Other talkers where I'm known as Hawkman or Omega are...

Sim City

Sim City Webpage

North America


I am Gornin the Dwarf here... Endorian Empires (a Tolkien MUD)

(note: for some reason this link doesn't work anymore and I can't seem to get off my lazy butt to email the operator to see what the deal is)

I am Thurvik the half-orc vampire, Tergon the player killer nephandi and Terlin the player killer mage ((and Gaborn the lizard-man PK warrior and Ganak the dwarf PK Druid and Connir the Augurer)) on here Realms of Despair

My pics of my cousin's wedding are here cousin Toni's wedding

To all of those friends and family I told and those I hadn't yet but are curious, this is how my latest ex-(net) girlfriend looks like. Her name is Lyn Chan Mei Yan and she's from Singapore.

My main Star Trek links (usually featuring Klingons)

The Klingon Language Institute

Homepage of the Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors (KLAW)

((the below site has went down yet AGAIN and I haven't found where it went, IF it went anywhere at all...so forewarning of another broken link)) Unofficial Roxann Dawson(Lt Torres on Voyager) Fan Club and news and stuff

The Official Scarlett Pomers Homepage (Naomi Wildman)

ST-VOY Naomi Wildman (Scarlett Pomers) Pictures #1

The Unofficial Scarlett Pomers/Naomi Wildman Fanpage

One of my most favorite games is a futuristic RPG called Battletech.

I love playing Battletech and as a mercenary in the game because... I have two favorite successor states, the Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine that's why I chose dragonmerc as a name because I like the Combine a little more, and because of my Asian preference (I love Asian culture).

Happy 20th Birthday, Classic Battletech!!

These links would lead to a lot of Battletech related pages.

This KRML Battletech/Klingon Fan Club Webring site is owned by
Dragonmerc (Al/Hawkman).

Want to join the KRML Battletech/Klingon Fan Club Webring?
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My KRML Battletech/Klingon Fan Club Page

Mattguy's Home Page

Star League Play By Email

Airshow's Home Page

More game links include: Id software, the people that made Doom, Doom II and Quake (this takes a time to load)

Id Software

Blizzard, which makes Warcraft, Warcraft II, and Diablo.

Blizzard online

Maxis Online for your "Sim-addiction"


and the Imagine Games Network, which showcases news on Next Gen Online, Nintendo 64, and others.

Imagine Games Network

There used to be a link here to the Sunset Beach Message Central but since I just heard of Kelly Hu being on "Nash Bridges", I took off the link.

note: she's not on Nash anymore, she's on "Martial Law," however since the old days when she was on SUN, I had a change of heart and now I like any show she was ever on, therefore I'm restoring the link to the Sunset Beach message board and keeping the "Nash" link.

I finally found a link to a working "Nash Bridges" site but it's the show and episode summary page and not a message board but I will place the link here and maybe start a link list that will include any possible message boards.

Sunset Beach Message Board

"Nash Bridges" website /w cast listing, episode summaries, etc.

Days fans go here... Dustin's Days of our Lives Page on Soapoperafan.com

These are a few literature links that I'll start posting on the page and more similar links would appear in a "more lit links" section.

Nantucket's Tried Out Moby Dick (notes on Moby Dick which is one of my true faves)

J.R.R Tolkien Information Page (a page with articles, essays, links, and PBEmails for Tolkien fans)

Anna's Place (poetry and prose)

Email me at these addresses:



Please come back soon and visit me.

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