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If you don't know what Red Dwarf is, or have a faint idea but don't know quite what it's about, please click here to read The Story of Red Dwarf!

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You've reached my little corner of cyberspace that I've chosen to dedicate to Red Dwarf! I couldn't find a better TV show that I would possibly dedicate so much time and energy to! It is the greatest sci-fi/comedy I have ever seen! And I have provided this little slice of the Web to fellow "Smegheads" EVERYWHERE! This is for YOU, guys!

I know, it's not much, but I will be constantly adding to this page all the time, so I now declare this site


So you may want to bookmark this page so you can keep coming back and checking out my additions!

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So, where to begin? Well, I have quite a few images available in my gallery, as well as some links and the Red Dwarf Web Rings I've joined! Click on the link to my "WebRings" page, and you can see the rings I've joined! They will take you to LOTS of other Red Dwarf related sites!

Also, a list of all the Dwarf episodes from season 1 to 7 with a little blurb about each episode included next to them! And, I have my over-view of the 7th Season....Just thought I'd let people know my opinion about it!

Also, please take the time to vote on WHICH Red Dwarf theme I should use when people come to my page! You'll find the voting form link in the Navigation Bar just below! Have a great time Smeggerinos and all others I'm about to corrupt into this wacky cult of crazy British television!


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The Chrome Red Dwarf Crew

Right-click your mouse on the little black box image below to stop background music in order to listen to .au files below! Simply click on the cast members! Not all of them have .au files, though!

Lister~Click me!Rimmer~Click me!Kryten~Click me!Cat~Click me!

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