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Greetings friends and fellow Golden Retriever lovers. These pages include heaps of information about the adventures of Moose, Holly and Daisy, Three golden girls with hearts to match.




Moose, Holly and Daisy live in sunny Brisbane, Australia.




 Moose and Holly in Xmas finery

Moose's Lodge

Moose was born in February 1997. She is a "UK" type golden, and is cream in colour. She is also a bit of a piggy and will take every opportunity to snack on just about anything that comes her way: moths, spiders, grasshoppers, carrots, tomatoes, pasta, rice, and most of all ... toast! She also has a special friend that lives over the back fence who gives her a special treat each day. Her nick-names include: Googie, Googie-egg and Moosie-moo.

; Holly's Gallery and Stories


 Holly was born in November 1997. She was a Golden Retriever Society rescue dog. She is an "American" style golden. When she first came to live with us, we all thought she looked a bit strange with her long nose, small eyes and 'eighties crimped ear fur. Her rich golden fur colour and thick coat is a luxurious bed warmer on cool winter nights. Holly is known for her piggy grunts, her agility and fearlessness to jump on and off the bed, her commando crawls, and her naughty Holly stories. Her nick-names include Holly-bubba, bubbaaahh, Rum-baba, Booloo, Ho-will-leeee! and Nominee. Holly Passed away on 24 August 2007 after a long battle with cancer.


; Daisy's Diaries

Daisy was born in June 2001. She is a Golden Retriever X Labrador. Please click here for her sub-site, It is still new (like her) so check back often.


Moose,Holly and Daisy Together Pictures


Moose and Holly and Lord Mayor Jim Pictures

Moose and Holly's Doggie Friends


 Moose, Holly and Daisy's Doggie Links


Moose Holly and Daisy Xmas 2003!

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