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Who am I ? That's a good question.
Since U R here, U got to know who I am. Thats pretty obvious.

Well, The name is Umakanta Nongthombam, just an average guy with a passion in music. I'm a typical pisces. Some 26 summers back I landed on this planet. Since then I've come a long way. Life's still been a wonderful journey, with its natural tendency to go up and down. I came from a small hilly state in the north-eastern corner of India. Manipur is the name. Literally it means " The Land Of Jewels ". A perfectly pleasant place with a nice climate. Manipur is my heaven on earth. Nothing compares to it. Now, I'm staying a few thousands miles away from home, away from family, away from my love and someday ,I'm making my way back home.............. And thats not too far away... My love I'm coming back for you.

what do I do ???

I'm trying to make my ends meet by staring into a dumb screen all day. Fingers taping on to keyboards. Mind lost in a hazy maze of logic.

What trip me ??
I've always been fascinated by the stars, the moon and the sky. Many a night I have spent just gazing at them. Sometimes, I'll just watch the Orion, sometimes I just stay watching the hide and seek game, being played by the moon and the clouds. Sometimes, I just watch the lightning struck farwaway, building an arc between the earth and the sky. Sometimes, I wonder how the earth would look like on my naked eyes from the moon. I can only imagine it, a blue globe lighting up the moon's sky.

More on me : A Brief History

All that I am,
All that I was,
All that I'll ever be,
I'll still be the one I had started with,
Nothing ever seems to change,
Its only the world around me, that has...

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