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Inglenook Random Selector

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This program, developed by Will Pearson and myself, randomly selects wagons for use in an Inglenook Sidings style shunting puzzle with the format 5-3-3. Please do not plagiarise our code.

To use the program, simply enter the type, number or distinguishing feature of each piece of rollingstock you are using. Press 'Go' and you will see 5 wagons in the 'Resultant Data' fields, and to the far right is an exportable list of all your results. Hit the export button, and on your hard drive will be deposited a text file with all your results. Simply open and print if your computer isn't near your Inglenook Sidings.
If you press the 'Go' button many times, you will amass a large number of randomly selected scenarios, then export your file, and away you go.

I don't know if it will work on Apple Macs or under any other operating systems, I have only tested it on Windows 98, 2000 and XP. It is the same program offerd on the The Model Railways Shunting Puzzles Website, since I was the one that gave the webmaster there the program to post on the site. Have fun with it!

I might release programs for other shunting puzzles if I or Will Pearson get round to writing them (programming isn't a hobby of mine--far from it).

Mini-Inglenook Random Selector

This is for the minimum space Inglenook with capacity 3-2-2. See Carl Arendt's Micro Layout Design Gallery:A3 sized layouts for more info on this version.

How To Solder, my way!

Theme Ideas for your layout New 22/8/04

A short illustrated rant on the aesthetics of steam locomotives. New 9/2/09






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